This Was The Worst Public School Year Ever

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Where I live in Franklin, WI, God’s Country USA, the powers that be running our schools continue to pat themselves on the back, congratulating one another on the outstanding they did this past school year.

Never mind the year-long mask requirement, the less than respectful way they treated kids and parents, refusing to allow the undefeated high school football team to participate in the playoffs, etc.

But they instituted in-person teaching from day one. Yes, we know. We get that and we’re appreciative. But that was 10 months ago. When you consider the entire school year, our district gets a poor grade.

Auguste Meyrat is an English teacher in the Dallas area. He holds an MA in humanities and an MEd in educational leadership. In a recent column he wrote:

Many schools in the country have been open this whole school year, including mine.

That said, now that we’re reaching the end of the school year, it must be admitted that this was probably the worst school year of our lives for everyone involved. Not only was there the demoralizing climate outside of school, rife with controversy and hysteria, schools themselves were sad, unproductive places.

All the good things that people normally associate with school — learning, making friends, and being part of a community — were almost completely nonexistent. Meanwhile, all the bad things associated with school — boredom, isolation, and depression — were all enhanced.

I encourage you to read his entire column here.

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