Listen Franklin kids, you better not!

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What happens if Franklin kids don’t show up for their last school day Thursday?

Oh, you don’t think the educrats in power haven’t been thinking about that possibility. They know they haven’t actually been all that warm and fuzzy all school year to kids or their parents. So how might they respond if families chose to exercise some sort of display on the last day of freedom and liberty by, oh, I don’t know, not wearing a mask? Not bringing one to school?

I know. I know. Complete unadulterated chaotic behavior.

The past couple of days there’s been speculation on social media about the level of feathers that would be ruffled on the last day of school if kids showed up with every attention of 100% breathing fresh air.

Some rumbling began Monday when Franklin Forest Park Middle School Principal Erin King felt the need to take to the public address system before classes began to remind students to follow the rules on Thursday, the final day of school. That meant, of course, MASKS! MASKS! Do you hear me? Do you understand? MASKS!

It didn’t go over well. Try someone passing gas during Sunday Mass.

Second hand accounts were posted. What really did she say? Threat might be too strong a word but every comment made said that king uttered the‘s’ word: Suspended.

My daughter attends Forest Park Middle School in Franklin and absolutely loves it as I told the potted plants on the Franklin School Board at one of their meetings. She doesn’t recall all of King’s announcement, but by golly she definitely heard the‘s’ word.

So what did King really say? Let’s get right to the source, I thought, and go beyond the hearsay. So I sent an e-mail to the lame duck Erin King on Tuesday, 06/08/21:

Our family wishes you best of luck in your new role in the School District of Elmbrook as Elementary Principal of Brookfield Elementary School.

Also, word is going around about an announcement you made in school yesterday about kids not wearing masks on the last day. They would not be allowed back next school year.

Since I’m hearing this second hand could I ask you to confirm you made the announcement and if so, when, how, and the exact wording so I can be clear?

Thank you, and again, best wishes in Brookfield.

Kevin Fischer
Parent of child at Forest Park

King responded late Tuesday afternoon, but not completely, a disease FPS folks suffer from:

Good afternoon,

Thank you so much for the well wishes! I am sad to leave Forest Park but am looking forward to serving my home community.

I’m glad to provide more insight into our announcement from Monday. Each year we remind students that expectations remain consistent in the last week of school. Generally we remind students about expectations and provide a universal message that even during the last week of school behaviors can have consequences and we reinforce positive behaviors. (This helps with unwanted behaviors in the lunchroom, recess, hallway, etc.) This year masks are part of our expectations, but that was not the emphasis or focus of the message. It was not said that they wouldn’t be allowed back next year.

Jennifer – I hope your year has been great and you are enjoying your career change! We miss seeing you each day at FPMS!

Erin K. King


Forest Park Middle School

King’s reference to my wife, Jennifer is when she worked as an educational aide at the middle school before she left for a full-time position elsewhere.

Because King’s response to me was not satisfactory, I wrote back again:

Thank you for your response.

I will make sure Jennifer sees this.

But can you tell me as best you can what you announced to the students?

King’s response?





I’m off to Brookfield!

I close with this and I love it. Regular readers know I write with an edge. Looking for bake sales and car washes? This ain’t the place. Try somewhere else.

From a Franklin resident who also emailed King and District Administrator Judy Mueller on Tuesday whose name I will keep confidential:

I was told this morning by my son and the 3 boys I drive to school that they were threatened yesterday by yourself about mask wearing on the last day of school. To be honest, the bullying you have allowed in this school and this district all year long has been appalling. Children have been allowed and encouraged to bully children that might be wearing their mask incorrectly because they are having trouble breathing. You should all be ashamed of the behavior of some of your teaching staff as they have bullied children as well. It is a joke that you have the kids wear a blue shirt on the first Wednesday of the month for anti-bullying and yet teachers and woke students are allowed to do it whenever they want.

Also, it seems that since you felt the need to threaten this children instead of talking to parents means that one, you are both cowards and that you feel that the majority of your school would come mask-less to the last day of school. What does that say to you both?? It says to me that the majority of your community thinks that you are overstepping. The children of your school have every right to peacefully protest your tyrannical ways. Your teachers have glorified the rioting by Black Lives Matter in the classroom, so I find it hilarious that you cannot handle having a peaceful protest in your school. Seems very hypocritical to me.

I am so very ashamed of the callous behavior of this administration and the school board. I have asked many times what scientific data you have to continue the mask “mandate” in the Franklin school district and have gotten none. The funny thing is that you have allowed an average of 7% of your teaching staff to be out of school (corona-cation) since the vaccine has been out. Maybe instead of bullying the children, maybe you should work on making sure your teachers are actually doing their job!! By allowing a small amount of your teachers to slack off for the last two years, you have given the good ones a bad name. I would think that making sure that your teachers are actually teaching would be top billing on both of your lists, but it seems that you are more interested in building fear in the students in this district.

To my knowledge this Franklin parent has also yet to receive a response. Erin King is probably too busy looking for great places to eat in Brookfield.

This is what is now normal in Franklin when it comes to education:

Franklin students, parents, taxpayers be damned.

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