60 years ago today, Milwaukee Braves slug their way to a record

On this date, June 8, 60 years ago, the Milwaukee Braves made baseball history. I blogged about it in 2010. Here it is:

One of my fondest recollections that I’ve had the privilege to share on my blog and on WTMJ and Newstalk 1130 WISN is how, as a kid, my dad would sneak me into Braves and Brewers games when he worked as an usher at the old Milwaukee County Stadium.

When discussing the Braves, one has to remember that the team had an almost Packer-like grip on the city that savored a love affair with a ball club never seen before. That’s why their departure to Atlanta was so devastating.

I recall my Uncle Harry, my mother’s brother buying an album for my brother, Greg:


The album was ahead of its time, a documentary chronicling the team’s success and popularity from the minute it left Boston. Braves announcers, the beloved Earl Gillespie and Blaine Walsh were the narrators on the recording that featured a ton of play-by-play clips.

One of the memorable portions was a day the Braves made baseball history.

JUNE 8, 1961.

The Braves were on the road facing the Reds in Cincinnati at Crosley Field. Hard to believe, but Hall of Fame pitcher Warren Spahn was getting battered 10-2 when the Braves stepped to the plate in the top of the 7th inning.

Four batters. Four consecutive homers. It had never been done before in major league history.

If you listen to GO GET ‘EM BRAVES, with the Braves playing away, the silence is deafening as each blast is hit out of Crosley Field (The Braves still lost 10-8).

Several more times the record was tied after the Braves sterling performance, and then last night (August 11, 2010) at Miller Park, the lowly Arizona Diamondbacks were in town to face a Brewer squad that desperately needs pitching. However, its management decided to make zero moves prior to the trading deadline, ensuring the team will not make the playoffs.

The Diamondbacks teed off on Brewer pitcher Dave Bush, and how.

The D-Backs made franchise history Wednesday night with four straight home runs against the Brewers. Clockwise from top left: Miguel Montero, Mark Reynolds, Stephen Drew, and Adam LaRoche.

Adam LaRoche, Miguel Montero, Mark Reynolds and Stephen Drew all hit solo homers with one out off Brewers right-hander Dave Bush.

It just doesn’t seem right. Adam LaRocheMiguel MonteroMark Reynolds, and Stephen Drew being mentioned in the same breath as Eddie MathewsHank AaronJoe Adcock, and Frank Thomas. But they made us reminisce once again about those great Braves teams and the huge emotional attachment they had with our city.

A young Henry Aaron. Earl Gillespie on the radio. The tepee in the bleachers. Our last World Series title. Sneaking under the turnstiles and roaming through the stadium. Getting autographs.
—-Kevin Fischer, This Just In, August 12, 2010.

Only 5,100 fans were in the stands that day in Cincinnati. It was a Thursday afternoon game. Joe Torre eventually grounded out to end the string of homers.  Eddie Mathews hit another round tripper in the eighth inning, but the Reds held on to win the game, 10-8.

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