Franklin, school is almost over, and you’re still complaining about masks?

Franklin High School - Franklin Public Schools

Yes, I’ve heard that tossed around. We should finally just clam up, go home, and soak our wounds.

No. We keep fighting, for a couple of reasons.

For some time Franklin parents realized that the abusive and unnecessary mask mandate would remain in place throughout the current school year that ends next week. However the crusade to unmask our kids continues and why not? Temperatures will hit 90 soon and we still have summer school and the start of the 2021-22 school calendar to rightfully be concerned about. So we’re giving leadership-challenged leaders an earful.

April’s election has left Franklin with a universally horrible school board, seven zombies, each desperately searching for a spine. Not one of the board members presents a reasonable voice. The entire board fails to reflect the values of the majority of the Franklin community.

Dealing with a bunch like that requires a game of pool approach. You don’t only look at the ball in front of you. Rather you scope out the next few balls on the table. Franklin parents respectfully demanding a change in mask policy are not only worried about that item, but other surprises this board may have up their sleeves. The passionate in-person display at the last three school board meetings is to put this uncaring lot on notice. The cozy arrangement you’ve enjoyed for decades of no one really paying much attention to your mutual admiration society warm and fuzzy kaffeeklatsch is over. We’re watching, and we’re watching closely.

Here’s one of those pool balls that we have our eyes on, described by Joy Overbeck, a Colorado journalist and author:

There’s a vicious pandemic that no vaccine will cure, and it’s called Critical Race Theory (CRT.) This is “wokeness” and it is invading school districts and classrooms nationwide, infecting the minds of America’s progeny from preschool through college. It’s a relentless illness, spreading racial division and distrust with a deterministic dogma that defines all whites as programmed to be oppressors and all minorities as doomed victims of that white oppression.  

U.S. Army retired Lt. Gen. Marvin L. Covault, the author of “Vision to Execution,” recently penned a very compelling column that explicitly boils down the dangers of this divisive concept:

CRT holds that America and white Americans are irredeemably racist. The solution is reverse racism, which is called “equity.” Equity, not to be confused with equality, further transforms all elements of America from merit-based to equity based. Under equity, mediocracy will reign supreme in all organizations, business, education and government.

Imagine a couple of youngsters — one Black, one white — from the same neighborhood; they are best friends, walk to school together, play ball after school and are in and out of each other’s homes frequently. Then, while getting their required weekly dose of CRT instruction, they
suddenly look across the classroom at one another as if to say, “Wow, I thought he was my friend but he is actually my enemy.”

CRT is potentially the most dangerous initiative ever undertaken in our history with almost unimaginable ramifications.

Do we in Franklin want “the most dangerous initiative ever undertaken in our history” to invade our school district’s curriculum? I think not.

Some Franklin parents believe CRT has already seeped its ugly way in, and I’ll have more in a future post.

Meanwhile there’s a way to combat this evil. To answer how let’s turn to Betsy McCaughey,  Ph.D., well-known political commentator, constitutional expert, and regular guest on Fox News, CNBC and many national radio programs who asserts the fight is very much like D-Day:

The battle to win control of school boards from the grip of racial indoctrinators is like Normandy Beach. Everything hangs on the outcome. Lose and a generation is lost.

The outcome will determine whether your children learn to see themselves and other people as individuals, instead of merely members of a racial group. Parents of all ethnicities who never dreamed of getting involved in politics need to step up now.

Parents are already outraged by the indoctrination their kids are getting in school. White kids are shamed as racists and oppressors. Black kids are taught to think of themselves as victims. And the nation’s history is being presented as something to despise.

When parents object to this brainwashing, school administrators respond with doubletalk, denying its “critical race theory,” and insisting schools just want to be inclusive and diverse. That’s why it’s time to shift from complaining to fighting for control of local school boards. These boards hire superintendents, set policies and have the clout to stop critical race theory.

And so in Franklin we keep playing pool.

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