Today marks Day 1 of 7 upcoming bad days for Franklin Alderman Dan Mayer

Over the next few months there will be several days that will torment Franklin’s Alderman NO.

1) Today, May 29

2) June 19

3) June 26

4) July 16

5) July 30

6) August 14

7) August 28

Any or all of these days could find Mayer frustrated, angry, hiding under the bed, in a fetal position.

Why? Because these are dates the Milwaukee Milkmen have scheduled Fireworks Nights (tonight’s show honors our military).

Mayer gets a twisted joy from tearing Franklin down. You can bet any time there’s a chance for the Franklin Common Council to take action to advance the city Mayer will be opposed, especially when it involves Ballpark Commons. Mayer has chosen to side with whiny Franklinites who complain the city’s most popular destination is just too plain (WAH WAH!) noisy.



I say congrats to the Milkmen for scheduling wonderful promotions all season long for their thousands of fans.

Eric Burdon & the Animals answer the musical question, what will be the fans’ favorite sound at tonight’s Milkmen game?

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