My testimony on masks at the 5/26/21 Franklin School Board meeting

I confess I was underwhelmed at last week’s declaration that kids could drop their masks while outside.

I couldn’t help but feel like Oliver Twist in that Charles Dickens classic when he walked up to the master holding out an empty bowl of gruel and sheepishly said: PLEASE SIR, I WANT SOME MORE.

This is nowhere near what parents and kids have asked for over and over and over again only to have the requests fall on deaf ears.

It is mind boggling that in dozens of schools and districts throughout WI leaders have seen the light and have made the right call. What do they know that Franklin doesn’t? Or what do they know that Franklin refuses to acknowledge or even remotely consider?

It’s a fact that we’ve had over a year to observe the effects of COVID-19. We know it does not affect school-age children in the same way it affects the elderly and the vulnerable. This isn’t March 2020, we know so much more now than we did then.

Children under the age of 19 have an exceedingly small chance of dying due to COVID-19.

We’re going to have a lost generation of young individuals if we don’t change course.

We’re robbing our children of meaningful social interaction when we require them to have masks covering their faces all day. This is severely hindering their ability to develop and understand critical nonverbal communication with their peers.

I stumbled across this from columnist and blogger Matt Walsh who wrote:

“Wearing a mask when it is not medically necessary is grotesque and unhuman, an attack on society itself. It feeds paranoia and fear. You are treating air like it is toxic and other humans like they are nothing but vessels of disease. It is disgraceful, arrogant, and offensive.”

And recently investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel stated:

“Masks give meaning to people with meaningless lives. People were led to think they were doing something virtuous by wearing a mask all day. Many don’t want the scam to end because it makes people re-examine the sunk costs and entertain the possibility it was all for nothing.”

So, as far as the full mental health toll of our reaction to COVID-19, all signs point to it already being catastrophic. We need to stop the damage now.

Unmask our kids. And do it soon.

One thought on “My testimony on masks at the 5/26/21 Franklin School Board meeting

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