Franklin School Board ignored the kids

Pictured from L-R: Evgenia Vasylenko, her son Matthew, and Kyla Fischer

Matthew and Kyla testified together at Wednesday night’s meeting of the Franklin School Board where most speakers request Franklin makes masks optional. Matthew opened:

“Many schools and school districts all across Wisconsin have done what is right for their students and their parents. Congratulations to these schools for taking proper action.”

Matthew and Kyla then alternated reading off the names of schools and school districts, five at a time, as board members sat and listened in silence. Kyla concluded:

Thanks to these 134 places nearly 200-thousand students now have a choice to wear a mask or not. Franklin is not on this list and needs to be. Do not wait. Unmask the children.”

Despite the impact of the kids’ and others’ testimony the board refused to even consider changing the district’s mask policy.

One thought on “Franklin School Board ignored the kids

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