The most idiotic school board member in WI?

If not she’s very close.

On Monday night the New Berlin School Board considered options on quarantining students.

Let’s pick up some of the discussion right before a vote was taken. You’ll hear board member Kate Unger make an incredibly asinine comment about parents:

“In an ideal world they would, but I think every single parent has given their child Tylenol at one point and sent them to daycare with a fever. Parents can’t always be trusted. And it shouldn’t be my child, well not my child because he’s not there… children should not be at risk because other parents aren’t going to follow the rules.”

One citizen wrote on Facebook, “This is an unacceptable comment to make. The children of New Berlin belong to their parents, NOT the school board.”

Another wrote, “Any school board member that is that arrogant to think she knows what is best for our kids more than we do should be removed immediately!!! Sick to death of these communist liberals trying to take everything over.”

The Kate Ungers of the world. That’s what we’re up against folks.

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