Some leftovers from the 5/12/21 Franklin School Board meeting

May be an image of text that says 'UNMASK OUR KIDS'

The Franklin School Board meets Wednesday night, and barring some miracle it will just do what it does best. Nothing.

Many residents for a long time have been obeying all the rules about requesting the board seriously consider making masks in schools optional rather than mandatory, only to run smack into a brick wall. Board members have left their independent brain cells at the door, refusing to give a millisecond of thought to a possible change in policy. Meanwhile more than 120 schools or school districts all across Wisconsin have seen the light and have taken the appropriate action of unmasking students.

Franklin School Board President Mike Spragg has stated in an e-mail the board has no intention of following suit at Wednesday’s meeting. For impassioned parents it’s tough cookies.

Last month when Spragg was elected by the board to be its president District Administrator Judy Mueller had to be all smiles behind her mask.  Spragg is the perfect puppeteer more than willing to abide by all of Mueller’s wishes. Clearly Mueller runs the show, not any of the lemmings on the board.

At the 5/12/21 school board meeting Spragg probably imagined himself a brilliant strategist.  After nearly 90 minutes of emotional testimony, the overwhelming majority in support of optional masks, Spragg pulled out a “prepared statement’ written before he heard a single word from speakers that night.

 In a rather boring delivery Spragg droned on about how terrific the school district has been in its handling of the pandemic. No one disputes Franklin did well to go to in-person classes at the very beginning and stick with them.  That’s yesterday’s news.  Parents and kids are concerned about NOW, not THEN.

While Spragg rattled on most of the audience was headed to the exits. His “statement” went over like someone passing gas in church.

At the very end of the meeting board member Ann (You have to vote for me because after all I attended a lot of meetings) Sepersky in a practically empty room suddenly discovered the courage to describe the citizen comment period as a “hostile environment.” For a supposedly educated woman she’s in desperate need of a new dictionary.

This is what Franklin parents and kids are up against. A spineless board programmed to do the bidding of an over-compensated district administrator.

Some residents signed up to spend up to a half hour discussing masks at Wednesday’s meeting as a special item. In an effort to curtail free speech Spragg is already asking if they really need all that time.

The longer the board delays unmasking the bigger embarrassment they become.

We need a huge turnout Wednesday night to demonstrate our unhappiness with an ineffective bunch unwilling and unequipped to do what’s right.

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