The Left may want to re-think body cams on police

Body Cameras on South Florida Police: The Good and Bad | Rossen Law Firm

As empty suit Gov. Evers plots to tax and spend Wisconsin into oblivion state Republican legislators are wise not to jump on the idea of body cams on police officers.

Stateline reported in January 2020:

Body cameras don’t necessarily have a huge effect on police officers’ behavior or how residents view the police.

Daniel Lawrence, a researcher at the Urban Institute in Washington, D.C., who has studied the cameras, said more departments are realizing that just purchasing them isn’t enough. “The way I see body-worn camera use being emphasized in the future is really having more of an emphasis on not just deploying and having officers wear body-worn cameras, but a closer examination of how they use those cameras,” Lawrence said.

Among other factors, Lawrence said, the effectiveness of the cameras depends on when officers are required to turn them on, whether they must review the video before they write incident reports, and whether videos are released to people involved in an incident or to the public. A camera alone, he said, “isn’t going to drastically change how police operate.”

Republicans who control the Wisconsin Legislature’s powerful Joint Finance Committee voted Thursday against buying body cameras for state Capitol police officers, rejecting a proposal from Evers.

The panel voted 12-4, with all Republicans in support and Democrats against, to reject spending up to $100,000 over two years on between 35 to 50 body cameras.

Good for them.

The fact is body cams don’t fit the template of the Left.

“The truth is simple, most cops aren’t beating minorities for fun. How do we know?”
PJ Media

Read here for the details.

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