Guest Blog: “Mother” is under assault

Guest Blog
By Amy Hemmer

Hemmer, a long time Wisconsin resident and proud conservative, is an experienced blogger from years ago for the Lake Country Reporter.  She currently is a school board member serving Arrowhead Union High School.  Very concerned about the direction our country is headed, Hemmer hopes to do her part to fight back.  As we must.

Mother’s Day, as we know it, came into being mainly from the efforts of Anne Jarvis, who in the early 1900’s wanted to establish a day to honor mothers and the sacrifices they make for their children.  Jarvis conceived of the holiday following the death of her own mother in 1905.  In May of 1908, Jarvis received financial backing from a Philadelphia department store owner (John Wanamaker) and put on the first Mother’s Day celebration in a local church, as well as in Wanamaker’s retail stores.  With thousands of people attending, making the celebration a huge success, Jarvis started a letter-writing campaign to make Mother’s Day a holiday.  She wrote to newspapers and prominent politicians. (An interesting side note was her observation that American holidays on the calendar were biased towards males).   Her persistence paid off, when in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a measure proclaiming the second Sunday in May as “Mother’s Day.”

Such a history lesson is very timely, considering that the once seemingly-benign holiday known as “Mother’s Day” and the very term “mother”  appear to be under assault.  

The dispute started when Democratic Missouri Representative Cori Bush recently referred to women as “birthing people” during a congressional hearing on Thursday, May 6th.  

  “I sit before you today as a single mom, as a nurse, as an activist, congresswoman, and I am committed to doing the absolute most to protect Black mothers, to protect Black babies, to protect Black birthing people, and to save lives.”  

Later that same day, Representative Bush tweeted: “Every day, Black birthing people and our babies die because our doctors don’t believe our pain.”

The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL)  followed up with support of Bush.  This was from a meme on Facebook, which appeared May 9th – Mother’s Day.

     “When we talk about birthing people, we’re being inclusive.  It’s that simple.  We use gender neutral language when talking about pregnancy because it is not just  cis-gender women that can get pregnant and give birth.  Reproductive freedom is for *every*body.”

A panel of Harvard Medical and Post-Graduate Education students recently tweeted:

    “The webinar panelists used the term “birthing person” to include those who identify as non-binary or transgender because not all who give birth identify as “women” or “girls.” We understand the reactions to this terminology and in no way meant for it to erase or dehumanize women.”

So now the left is telling us that women are not the only ones that can give birth.  We are being told that women are not the only ones that can be mothers. (Ironic that this is coming from the very people that are always demanding we “follow the science”).  Responses to such ideas on social media and conservative cable and talk shows ranged from disbelief, anger, disbelief, surprise, and laughter.  Yet, what we need to take very seriously is that the left seems intent on dismissing the word “mother” from our vocabulary.  (Such is deemed necessary, however, to be “inclusive” for the .03% of the United States population that consider themselves “trans.”  Meanwhile, such excludes the feelings of 99.97% of the U.S.  female population with children).  

We have heard and witnessed such before.  What many think of as a bizarre idea that will never come to reality (for example, allowing men who think they are women to compete in women’s sports), gains traction over time.  The fable of a frog in a pot of water comes to mind.  If a frog is put in a boiling pot of water, it will recognize the danger and jump out, saving itself.  However, if the frog is placed in a cool pot of water and the temperature is increased slowly, it will not recognize the peril it is in and eventually boil to death.  The same can be said for what is happening in society now.  If we do not react immediately to these incremental, sinister changes that threaten established values and morality, we will be shocked when they become the norm, rather than the exception. 

In the United Kingdom, nurses and midwives at some hospitals have been ordered to begin using such terms as “perinatal unit” instead of “maternity ward.”  “Breast milk” is a no-no and now must be referred to as “human milk” or “chest milk.”  “Woman” is discouraged from use, replaced with “person.”   Excellent commentary on the subject comes from National Review writer Madeleine Kearns, who noted that some feminists have called such language Orwellian.

“Words merely reflect or distort facts. A woman is still a woman if you call her something else, be it a ‘non-binary person’ or a ‘trans man.’ And a mother is still a mother if you call her a ‘chestfeeder’ or a ‘birthing parent,'” she wrote.  The hijacking of language is the same sinister strategy on which every totalitarian ideology is reliant. Nonsense terms such as ‘misgendering,’ ‘cis-privilege,’ ‘cisgender,’ ‘dead naming,’ etc., have only been around for ten years or so, and only in the mainstream for much less time, and yet have already been used with staggering effectiveness to confuse, intimidate, and deter people (including conservatives) from using biologically precise terminology in contexts where doing so matters greatly (e.g. in court or Congress). It is of course shameful that deceitful language should be deployed by the political class, or so unthinkingly by those who know better. But it is beyond disturbing that it should make its way into publicly funded medicine.”

In June, Americans will celebrate Father’s Day.  Don’t think for a moment the word “father” is safe, either.  From the same information cited coming from the United Kingdom hospitals, the word “father” is being replaced with “parent,”  “co-parent,” or “second biological parent.”  Think such doesn’t loom on the horizon by the woke socialists among us?  Just as it is highly doubtful that any mother really wants to be called a “birthing parent,” would any  father really want to hear the words “Happy Second Biological Parent Day” on Sunday, June 20th?

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