Today’s highly interesting read (05/20/21): The Myth About Left Wing Love of the Poor

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The myth is that the left is tolerant, compassionate, loving, caring, inclusive, open-minded, and my favorite, non-racist. It’s all BS of course.

Today’s read is from Jeffrey Tucker, author of Liberty or Lockdown. Here’s a brief excerpt:

The reality is that with few exceptions, the people who identify as “left of center” became the champions of lockdowns, as if this were a normal policy any civilized country would deploy in the event of a new pathogen.

Let us begin with the great slogan of Spring 2020: “Stay home and stay safe.” Twitter even invented a little house icon that appeared when you typed it. It became a kind of mantra that the way to control this disease is not to leave your house. Have your meals delivered. Watch your church services on your computer. Meet with friends only through Zoom. Get out on the roads only if you have to, and do not travel no matter what. 

You know what’s amazing about this? Only about one third of workers could comply with this dictate.

What about the rest? Who precisely is going to deliver these groceries? Who is going to work in the hospitals? What precisely happens to all the workers in the restaurants, hotels, airports, theaters, and churches? Who will cut hair, trim lawns, build houses, drive trucks? Who will be operating the lockdown economy and keep us all from starving? It was like no one really cared, certainly not most of those elites who identify as left of center. 

There’s plenty more. Read the entire column here.

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