Today’s highly interesting read (05/14/21): In 2022, Let’s Nominate Candidates Who Aren’t Awful

Take a look at this political cartoon I posted on my Facebook page this week:

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Michael Ramirez just might be the best political cartoonist in America, a staunch conservative. So I was surprised to see him post what could be construed as a criticism of the anti-Cheney strategy.

One of my Facebook friends commented, “Perhaps he’s just observing, accurately I might add, that the problems are much deeper than Cheney. Not that they should not show her the door, but there is still a distressing lack of backbone and vision in the GOP.”

That leads into today’s read by columnist Kurt Schlichter. Here’s an excerpt:

I have a suggestion for an innovative strategy for the 2022 election cycle that might well overcome the usual GOP establishment tendency toward failure. I say – and you may want to sit down – that this time we should pick some candidates that don’t suck.

A nominee who doesn’t suck has certain advantages over the usual losers we see all too often idioting up our ballots. One of those advantages is that people are more likely to vote for someone who is not terrible than one who manifestly is. And getting more votes than the Democrat – who is always terrible – is a very, very important part of electoral victory, though you would not know that from the GOPe’s actions. Its members seem to think the goal is polite defeat, but us unwashed Jesus people who like guns and America and don’t live near Washington have this weird notion that candidates should attempt to win their elections.

Maybe we should try that in 2022.

Now, a good Republican candidate needs to do…

There’s plenty more. Read it all here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (05/14/21): In 2022, Let’s Nominate Candidates Who Aren’t Awful

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