Heroes and villains from 05/12/21 Franklin School Board meeting

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Wednesday night’s Franklin School Board meeting at Forest Park Middle School was packed with passionate supporters of making the school district’s cruel and unnecessary mask mandate optional rather than mandatory.

You’d never know it from the inconsiderate indifference shown by the school board and district officials there. They were the villains but the room was filled with heroes. After about 90 minutes of citizen commentary all but two of the speakers voiced opposition to the mandate.

How about a couple of young kids who spoke eloquently and from the heart. Or a few school district employees, fully realizing their jobs could be in jeopardy. Some mothers couldn’t stop their tears from telling stories of how their children have suffered. Grandfathers and grandmothers also put the uncaring school board in its place.

Villains? The entire school board. District Administrator Judy Mueller. None of them have any answers, or any idea of what they’re doing. Earlier in the day three residents including me were interviewed by CBS 58. But in a cowardly move the district refused to offer up anyone to speak on camera.

The biggest villain was School Board President Mike Spragg who’s either been contradictory in his e-mail responses to residents, or flat out unresponsive.

At the end of the citizen comment period, dominated by mask mandate opponents, Spragg appeared to violate a s school board policy that members are not allowed to speak about citizen comments if those comments are not about a specific agenda item. The mask mandate was not scheduled for discussion or consideration by the board Wednesday evening.

But Spragg couldn’t resist making a stupid move. He pulled out a “prepared statement” and proceeded to drone on and on about how wonderful the district and the board have responded to the virus dating back to its very beginning. The tediously delivered message bombed. Some audience members audibly moaned. Eyes were rolling.

What a foolish, idiotic tactic. Did he not hear the few dozen speakers pleading for action? Did he not see their tears? Did he not for one moment consider these folks deserved what they were requesting?

What Spragg should have done after witnessing all that honest and heartfelt testimony was to take that statement and stuff it right back in his pocket and not make relations with parents even worse. Toss the statement in the trash. Had I known Spragg would pull such a stunt I would have urged everyone to get up and leave and force him to read to an all but empty meeting room.

But Spragg doesn’t impress me so I’m not surprised he’s just part of the district dictatorship. And he’s the board leader? Shame on the five members who voted this guy as their president.

And shame on board member Ann Sepersky as well. Another coward. After the citizen comment period had ended and most of the audience had exited, Sepersky, we were told, said the comments created, in her word, a “hostile environment.” Of course she waited until it was safe to make such a preposterous remark.

Is she for real? These are supposedly smart people on the board, but how incredibly dumb must you be to not understand the true meaning of the word “hostile?”

One final note. I give full credit to the Franklin high school student who spoke in favor of masks. My advice to her in the future if she speaks again, even if you know you’re not going to get the reception you want, please don’t refer to us as ‘complainers.’ We are advocates for children. There’s a vast difference.

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