Franklin School Board is tone deaf

For about 90 minutes Wednesday night passionate Franklin parents along with some young children requested the school baord take action to end its mask mandate which, in all honesty, is in effect indefinitely, possibly into the next school year.

Only two of the many speakers favored keeping the mandate.

Following the citizen comment period clueless School Board President Mike Spragg was infuriating as he droned on and on from a prepared statement, telling the crowd how great the school district and board was in handling the virus the past. Spragg’s remarks showed no concern for the audience, many of whom audibly moaned. Others rolled their eyes in disgust.

As many school districts around WI are wisely ending their mandates Franklin is dragging their feet. Leadership and common sense are nowhere to be found.

Here’s TMJ 4’s report.

One thought on “Franklin School Board is tone deaf

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