Hidden in plain sight: How the COVID-19 pandemic is damaging children’s vision

Importance of Kids Eye Exams | Glasses Guide | DiscountGlasses.com

Headed to Matus Eyecare in Franklin today. It’s annual exam time.

Numerous negative physical effects have resulted from the coronavirus. Here’s yet another: kids’ eyesight.

From The Conversation:

Eye doctors had planned to celebrate 2020 as the year of vision (as in seeing 20/20). Instead, it will be known as the year that worsened the world’s vision for decades to come. Scientists are attributing this latest health issue — one that is hidden in plain sight — to the pandemic.

Rates of myopia, also known as nearsightedness or shortsightedness, have been increasing worldwide for decades. Half of the world’s population is predicted to be myopic by 2050.

The length of time children spend viewing digital screens has been exacerbated by a massive increase in remote schooling, directly contributing to further increases in childhood myopia. Home-schooled children of the COVID-19 era are at risk of becoming the visually compromised population of tomorrow.

Read more here.

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