31 years ago today, a blizzard in May

May 10, 1990.

I had the day off from WTMJ Radio News. But the phone woke me shortly after 7:00 that morning. The station needed my help because a major snowstorm had hit.

In May? Looking out my window all I saw was rain.

Begrudgingly I drove into work and asked where all this crazy snow was. Grabbing a tape recorder and portable phone I hopped into a station Chevy vehicle we affectionately called “The Rocket Car” because it had great acceleration and could maneuver through anything. I desperately needed it as I headed west from WTMJ’s E. Capitol Drive studios.

The further away from the city of Milwaukee the worse conditions got on the freeway. Driving was downright scary. Semis in ditches. Trees toppled. Snow-covered slippery roads. In May. But “The Rocket Car” didn’t let me down.

My contribution to news team coverage had me wandering down a treacherous rural road to get to a hall in some town or village I don’t remember out in Waukesha that was providing shelter for area residents who had lost power. The whole stunning ordeal was like something out of Rod Serling episode. I quickly interviewed some folks, phoned back several reports, and managed to get back to WTMJ safely.

May 10, 1990. The date has forever been ingrained in my mind.

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