UPDATE: Please forgive me, dear Lord, but it wasn’t my fault

Previously on This Just In…

The update: For the second Sunday in a row there will be no 10:00 AM Mass and the church doors will be locked, preventing entry.

One of our parish liaison officers with the Milwaukee Archdiocese tells me Archbishop Listecki wants more time to think about this situation and also hopes angry parishioners will calm down.

There also seems to be an attitude by the Archdiocese that in the meantime we can all find another Mass, or even another church to attend temporarily. I find such thinking to be flawed, and that’s being diplomatic. That mentality misses the point because it wouldn’t be “my” Mass or, most importantly “my church.”

None of all this helps. There is no resolution. And if we don’t like it, that’s just tough cookies.

This stinks to high Heaven.

One thought on “UPDATE: Please forgive me, dear Lord, but it wasn’t my fault

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