Friday Night Forgotten OIdie: Roses

Baker Knight wrote “The Wonder Of You” in 1959. Ray Peterson recorded the song and it peaked at #25. Peterson’s next single did much better in 1960, “Tell Laura I Love Her.”

Knight recalls Elvis took notice of “The Wonder of You.”

“In fact, Presley liked Ray Peterson’s version so much that he asked Ray to visit a movie set and meet with him. Elvis took Ray out to lunch, almost asking permission to cut the number,” said Knight.

“Elvis did not record the song then. But he never forgot it, either. A decade later, Knight got a call that sent him into the clouds. ‘I had just gotten a divorce, was living in an apartment in Ventura. I was always a night person and slept during the day. Anyway, the phone rang 7:30 in the morning. I couldn’t imagine who would be calling me at that time. On the line was one of the folks in Elvis’ band, Glen Hardin. He asked me if I could give him the words to ‘The Wonder Of You’. Elvis needed them because he had decided to do the song on stage that very night.” That evening Elvis sang “The Wonder of You” for the very first time in front of a sellout crowd at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. His live version was released as a single, sold more than two million copies, and reached #9.

But that’s not this week’s forgotten oldie. Flip the single over…

Lot Detail - 1972 RCA In-House Gold Record Award for Elvis Presley's "The  Wonder of You" 45 Single

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