What dopy thing did WTMJ’s Steve Scaffidi say on his show today?

When former Oak Creek Mayor Steve Scaffidi first started working as a talk show host at WMTJ in the time slot formally held by Charlie Sykes (who I filled in a lot for when I worked there) I made a point to make a personal phone call to him and wish him well.

That honeymoon period is long over with.

He claims he’s Republican. If so, he’s a weak one. His total lack of experience as a broadcaster is glaring. His shows are public radio-light. Rarely takes phone calls. He stacks his shows with guest after guest after guest so the burden isn’t on him to talk and actually carry a show. He invites guests constantly so as to hold his hand and get him through the morning broadcast.

Today I was in the car transporting my daughter to an orthodontist appointment when I heard, since it was a Thursday, it was time for “Scaffidiology.” What the hell is “Scaffidiology?” 

Steve said he would discuss “hot-button issues” and get listeners’ views on these hot topics.

Hot topics? Try lukewarm at best.

Scaffidi launched into “snow days” at schools. It’s frickin’ May.

I had to leave the car for a bit but when I checked back later Scaffidi became parent-lecturer. He mentioned parents like to take vacations when they could avoid, for example, spring break, for obvious reasons. Parent expert Scaffidi proceeded to scold.

“Don’t take your kids out of school when it’s not vacation,” he said. “I know it’s cheaper. Buck up.”

My response to Scaffidi? Just shut up.

In schools all across the country parents don’t wait for a specific time-off period to vacation with their kids. I don’t see a crisis.

At the end of this past March our family spent 10 days in WDW to celebrate our daughter’s birthday.

May be an image of 2 people, people sitting, people standing and outdoors

We returned during the start of spring break. As a result our 6th grader spent an entire week getting caught up on what she missed at home. As for Scaffidi? i guess what I was wrong ans aweak so and so to dare take got to Florida when the school calendar said don’t.

What an idiotic viewpoint. Parents take vacation when they can. And he’s telling them to “buck up?”

Scaffidi is not the most insightful talk show I’ve ever heard. So I rarely listen. Today was an exception. I’ll not be back for a long time.

I understand Charlie Sykes has gone off the reservation. I miss him and would still take him over lightweight Scaffidi.

2 thoughts on “What dopy thing did WTMJ’s Steve Scaffidi say on his show today?

  1. AM 1130 WISN is the Lord of the Rings of radio: One station to rule them all.

    WTMJ would be best off just going back to Ask Your Neighbor programming.


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