Today’s highly interesting read (05/03/21): The radical leftist indoctrination of kids in public schools is beyond scandalous

Beavercreek High School students walk to their next classes during an October school day. BHS students are learning remotely this week, then hope to stair-step their way back -- hybrid the week of Jan. 11, and fully in-person the week of Jan. 19.

Today’s read is from columnist Arnold Ahlert. Here’s a brief excerpt:

It is time to call the majority of progressives who control America’s education system exactly what they are: Monsters.

Only monsters would rob young children of the innocence and wonder that is the essence of childhood, in a despicable effort to replace those qualities with a partisan political agenda. Only monsters would teach a child what to think, not how to think, and make them feel horrible if they don’t buy into it. And though the rank indoctrination of children has been occurring for more than half a century (if not longer), most parents and other adult Americans assumed that no matter what the children learned in school, they would ultimately “grow out of it” once they hit the “real world.”

Read the entire column here.

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