Please forgive me, dear Lord, but it wasn’t my fault

I thought I had seen and heard it all over the past year regarding heavy-handed rules and regulations. But for me personally, this might take the cake.

Government authorities took away the opportunity for people to attend religious services in person. I’m still outraged about that. But it just got worse.

I’ve been a parishioner at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in the city of Milwaukee my entire life, from birth to now. I’ve ushered at the same Mass every Sunday since I was in the 8th grade. That’s 50 years.

This morning our family drove to church where the doors were locked. No Mass for us today, and it requires a backstory.

I’m told by a reliable parishioner that our pastor was not happy with the lack of mask compliance at last week’s Mass. His solution was to be vindictive, punishing folks by shutting them out. Since I was not informed of this decision I showed up for nothing.

In the past I’ve blogged about my beloved St. Anthony’s. Beautiful  church. Loyal, devout parishioners. The best choir and church music in the business.

But our faithful have excelled in one area for decades: spreading gossip.

I don’t think our pastor is necessarily a bad fellow. He and I get along just fine.  But he’s not very popular with a bunch of regulars, and today’s stunt didn’t help the relationship.

Unfortunately a very small number of white attendees at my Mass, said in English, have made some disparaging remarks about this young priest, who hails from Columbia. Totally inexcusable. However the sense is that the pastor now has a negative attitude towards a certain faction, and is critically painting with a wide brush.

Many church-goers have been attending Mass weekly sans masks for some time. This is nothing new. But for some reason the pastor picked today to display his pettiness and lock all the doors. As an usher I also couldn’t help but wonder what the church failed to take in from the collection baskets today.

To make the optics look even worse the pastor is leaving tomorrow (Monday) for a month-long vacation. Must be nice.

His actions fly directly in the face of what a good Christian should be. And people aren’t happy, planning to express their displeasure with the Milwaukee Archdiocese. I’ll probably join them.

I absolutely hate missing Mass. It’s one thing for an overzealous governor and unelected health bureaucrats to blithely wipe away our Constitutional religious rights. But when it comes to one’s own church ruling with an iron fist toward its own flock? That’s disgusting.

4 thoughts on “Please forgive me, dear Lord, but it wasn’t my fault

  1. This is outrageous! The cornerstone of our Catholic faith is the Mass and Eucharist. For the “Shepherd” of St Anthony to deny the faithful to hear Mass and to receive the Eucharist is an abomination.

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  2. …….I’m not a member of your church , however I felt a need to reply to this disgusting so called Pastors actions to any and all members, guest or others who would have attended the service this today .
    Since the pastor has decided to take his vacation in the beginning of a huge mess he MADE of his own volition ,may I suggest those in authority to have a called meeting while said pastor is away to make sure he does no more damage when he chooses to return , hand him his nice letter of unemployment , with a prayer attached, so he get’s the meaning of being kind , loving and always prayful for those in the pews, all of GODS Children plus those who will become new membes, I am prayerful seeking as soon as he will depart your lovely pastors position .

    I Thank you LORD JESUS this I pray in your loving name …. Amen



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