My Most Popular Blogs – The month of April 2021

Here are my most popular blogs from the month of April 2021:

1) I told the Franklin School Board, “Requiring children to wear masks is cruel and unnecessary and it needs to stop ASAP”

2) I got a survey from Franklin Public Schools, but it wasn’t about masks

3) MUST-SEE VIDEO: Momentum building in WI vs. mask policies in schools

4) Maybe I’ll vote for Deb Kerr for state DPI Superintendent after all

5) Today’s highly interesting read (04/07/21): Mask-Wearing Represents Fear and Blind Obedience, Not Science

6) Final thoughts on the Franklin school board election

7) Franklin’s Alderman NO, Dan Mayer strikes again

8) Franklin wants to extend mask requirement to next school year

9) Post-election thoughts: Franklin School Board

10) Got a letter from President Biden

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