Disgusting Chauvin/Floyd cartoon

Derek Chauvin guilty in death of George Floyd | Duluth News Tribune
Photos: Duluth News Tribune

Every Saturday morning on my blog I post what I consider to be the BEST CARTOONS OF THE WEEK. You won’t find them in today’s predominantly liberal newspapers.

Here’s the latest edition.

And here’s a cartoon from Steve Breen that didn’t make the cut. Politically Breen is all over the map, but he’s too much of a lefty for me.

Reaction to Breen’s cartoon on the web was not good, rightfully so.

Sickening. No wonder the cops are quitting.

As an editorial cartoon elsewhere had it, they posted a tweet someone sent which simply stated; “Chauvin immediately stood and calmly placed his hands behind his back. Imagine where we’d be if George had done the same.”
Exactly the point! And imagine where he’d be if he had done just this when the officers came? If he were honest and just said I need help, I cannot breathe…. and surrendered himself to custody. Nope, didn’t happen, had to “resist” he did…. And what about the others in the past, on video moments before, assaulting a store owner, then fighting to take an officers weapon from him…. It’s obvious some people are simply dying from their chosen lifestyle and poor choices, not the myths of systematic racism(whatever that nonsense is), or some mysterious law enforcement agenda to commit genocide — it would have been completed years ago if such a crock existed.

And Floyd is now a national hero in leftist loon circles, while Chauvin is considered the poster boy for maliciously evil policeman and the reason why police departments everywhere must be “reimagined” – which is leftist speak for gotten rid of, defunded, canceled or otherwise replaced by social workers.

What a joke. Not a funny one, but a joke anyways. Too bad blacks don’t really care about Black lives, or they would do something about Chicago, who has some of the toughest Gun control laws in the country.

What? No depiction of the democrats, their party owned and sanctioned mob or the railroading that put him in prison without a fair trial by threatening to rip the country apart and terrorize the jurors? I guess it doesn’t matter, since cops’ lives don’t matter, huh?

That cartoon is unbelievably offensive. It’s subtle message is we blacks be sticking it to the man. floyd was a thug. He was a drug addict. He was a criminal. Try and make the case his neighborhood and community would be better off if he were still around.

And now America gets to have thousands of streets, monuments, city parks, schools, and a Holiday every year named after St. George of the Floyd; the patron Saint of drug users, thieves, and criminals. Wow. And to think I only grew up with true American heroes and honorable people who were so esteemed.

Hey look! George Floyd is finally in jail, where he belongs.

What vapid folks like Breen fail to grasp is that Chauvin’s conviction demolishes their ‘systemic racism’ argument. If the system is so horribly and irredeemably racist, how did Chauvin get convicted?

Dumb. I don’t see the humor in it, Breenless……. Fool.

Perfect – they sent the police officer to a place full of blacks. Wonder how they all got there? By resisting arrest? Drug dealing? Looting? Or maybe just pointing a gun at a pregnant lady? Breen – you suck.

This is the sickest and most disgustingly hateful political cartoon I have ever seen. 

What Breen and other leftists don’t get is that the cancel mob will still come for him. That he’ll still get called a racist. All this pathetic and mendacious attempt at making this into an issue about race did was to delay the inevitable.

It wrongly glorifies a Fentanyl addict who killed himself. It supposes the BLACK man guard and Floyd the angel are fixing justice. Ha! Laughable BS.

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