How I love when my mayor puts my alderwoman in her place

You could easily see this coming if you follow or know anything about Franklin politics. Sooooo predictable.

On the agenda at Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting at Franklin City Hall was a review of the city of Franklin’s code of conduct for the Common Council members and the mayor. The Common Council regularly meets as a Committee of the Whole on the first Monday of each month that includes all council members and the mayor.

One knew my alderwoman Kristen (it’s all about me AND woe is me) Wilhelm would do what she does best. And she didn’t disappoint.

Wilhelm whined and moaned and cried and complained and played the victim card and monopolized the conversation, and also managed to remind Franklin, once again, how great she is and how she’s been just so super for the city.

As for the code of conduct, Wilhelm, to repeat, whined.

Speakers who have the floor at council meetings (meaning her) should not be interrupted.

Folks are handing out papers when someone has the floor and doing other things that is very disturbing to the speaker (meaning her).

Now comes a good part.

When the code of conduct up for review suggested cell phone usage on the part of the council and mayor be strictly prohibited Wilhelm disagreed for medical reasons. She also stated it’s an action that shouldn’t be prevented because of the (weep) small compensation council members receive.

Actually, Alderman John Nelson was angrier than Wilhelm proclaiming in no uncertain terms he just wouldn’t comply with or obey a cellphone ban.

Interesting that Wilhelm and Nelson were the two biggest objectors when sources tell me they’re the two biggest violators, spending lots of time on non-city business on cellphones during city business time.

At one point of the meeting Mayor Steve Olson could see (and just about anyone else watching) that proceedings were going nowhere and suggested council members go back and read the code of conduct before them, then report back at the next scheduled Committee of the Whole meeting.

Wilhelm, apparently prepared to ramble on and on and on to the wee hours of the morning, didn’t like that idea. Let’s keep discussing, she said.

Enter Mayor Olson.

“Ok, well if we’re going to discuss it, I want to hear from five others (the other five council members) Alderwoman,” said Olson. If it’s going to be the Alderman Wilhelm show then I’ll just have her write it and we’ll move on.”

Wilhelm, of course, got upset. I was grinning from ear to ear.

She later said that she shouldn’t be stifled on her opinion. Again, I couldn’t help but laugh. Because Wilhelm is a huge joke.

I timed the discussion elements of this meeting item.

After city administrator Peggy Steeno gave her thorough introduction of the item the actual discussion including the mayor an all six council members took roughly 50 minutes.

Wilhelm talked about the item for 21 minutes. That’s 42% of the discussion.

Think about that. She talked for almost half of the debate with five other council members and the mayor, and still cries she’s not treated fairly.

Another edition of the circus at Franklin City Hall. And more theatrics from the whiniest alderman/woman/person on the council.

3 thoughts on “How I love when my mayor puts my alderwoman in her place

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