I got a survey from Franklin Public Schools, but it wasn’t about masks

After School Programs - Franklin Public Schools

For some time the Franklin Public Schools district (FPS) made it quite clear masks would be required in the schools for the remainder of the current school year. Transparent they certainly were.

When the state Supreme Court on March 31st shot down Gov. Evers’ unconstitutional, illegal state mandate on masks, FPS remained steadfast. Masks at Franklin schools would still be required for the school year.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

And then came the April 14th meeting of the Franklin School Board. Sometime before that meeting a decision was made that was announced surprisingly at the meeting and it was a stunner.

Masks would be required at FPS, not just for the rest of the school year, but for the 2021-22 school year as well. No meeting. No public hearing. Not a single opportunity for public input.

FPS went from being stupid to foolish, absurd, preposterous, illogical.

No one would have known about this absurdity (just the way FPS wanted it), but Franklin’s Angela Christie, who was a candidate for the Franklin School Board this month, attended the school board meeting, heard the announcement and reported it on social media the next morning.

Good thing Christie committed an act of commendable citizenry. Otherwise 99.99% of Franklin would have never known (just the way FPS wanted it).

FWIW almost 100% of the reaction I’ve seen on social media hates the FPS brilliant brainstorm.

So the school board meeting pronouncing this edict (I’d call it controversial) was on the 14th of this month. On the 15th I asked a rather direct question of Chad Kafka.

Chad Kafka. That would be FPS boy communications specialist (He does a terrific job. Just ask him).

My question to the diplomatically-challenged Kafka was rather simple.“You’re a spokesman for the school district. Please defend why there has to be a mask requirement next school year, who made the decision and why.”

That was April 15th. Kafka who obviously works via an hourglass (or he just doesn’t like me) has yet to respond.  

FPS doesn’t want people to know. Otherwise there would have been a news release, something, anything on the FPS website.

I did try to listen to the April 14th school board meeting on the FPS website. Problem is the latest school board meeting video on the FPS is the one that took place on March 24th. Poor Kafka must be just so over-worked. That’s why he makes all his big taxpayer-supported salary and benefits. Question any FPS issue and he scoffs at the very people who pay his bills. That’s the professional way to do it, Chad baby.

Bottom line: there was an orchestrated effort to not be transparent and inform the Franklin public of the district’s intent to extend a ridiculous mask requirement.

By the way, Franklin folks, did you get a survey on whether masks should be required or not, or optional the next school year? I sure as hell didn’t.


But on both April 14th and April 19th our family received this e-mail:

Dear Current Music Student Parent or Guardian,

This is a reminder about the music survey we are looking for feedback on from you and your family. Below is the original message and this survey closes on Wednesday of this week.  We would really appreciate your feedback.

As we look to improve programming in every subject area in Franklin Public Schools, we seek feedback from our students and families.  Your child (FIRST LAST) participated in music programming during the 2020-21 school year.  According to our internal database, your child elected not to continue in our music program for the 2021-22 school year.  We are interested in your feedback to improve programming for future FPS students.  We ask that you take this brief survey to help us improve the music experience.

Please click here and take a few moments to communicate your feedback with us.

Thank you,
FPS Communications

Can we say misplaced priorities?

Why so hush hush on masks?

I’d ask Chad Kafka but he’s too busy after reading this planning his next snotty reply ripping me instead of professionally responding to the citizens of Franklin.

As good as FPS is they have their warts. Point them out and you’re the bad guy.

Masks for the next school year? Outrageous.

C’mon Franklin. Don’t let it slip. Let FPS and school board members who are in the hip pocket of FPS know. You don’t want masks required in the 2021-22 school year.

6 thoughts on “I got a survey from Franklin Public Schools, but it wasn’t about masks

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  2. The reason why you only see 99% of outrage because you have your head so far up your right wing echo chamber group. A few hundred domestic extremists that believe the election was stolen are hardly representative of Franklin and more a fringe group of uninformed wanna-be scientists, unable to distinguish between a publication and an index in a journal; but scream liberal bias when they are proven wrong.

    If you would focus less on your confirmation bias and be be willing to learn, you’d be surprised what’s out there. But there is little hope for you.

    I, for one, support the mask approach in FPS, and so do many many other parents.


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