Today’s highly interesting read (04/19/21): Democrats: Teachers vs. Police


Today’s read is from Here’s a brief excerpt:

When teachers fail, and across the country they fail in large numbers and for generations, what is the response from Democrats? They need more money. School systems have been failing children, generally in Democrat controlled cities, for decades, and every single time test results are announced the solution proposed by those Democrats and Democrats all the way up to Washington is we need to spend more money on those schools and increase teacher pay.

When anything fails in policing, the answer is the exact opposite from the same people. “Defund the police,” they cry. Budgets are cut, jobs are lost over incidences that, if we’re being honest, were brought on in most cases by the people the left-wing mob turns into martyrs.

Read the entire column here.

4 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (04/19/21): Democrats: Teachers vs. Police

  1. Looking at the photo, I generally don’t pay much attention to people with fully tattooed arms. Old school. “Back in my day” only sailors had tattoos. Only one… an Anchor, like Popeye.

    Keep up the good work.

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  2. An irony:

    It is the LEFT that wants to regulate everything, make damn near everything a free people want to do a crime. Yet they do not want a police force to enforce the laws that they promoted.


    • Ieony #2- these laws are used as an excuse to stop people more or less arbitrarily, greatly increasing the risk of negative encounters with the police, So to a considerable extent, THEY helped create the situation they protest.


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