Week-ends (04/17/21)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Congressman Jim Jordan…

NYC parents


MPS, that could mess up a one-car funeral



“I know when I turn on a game, I want to watch a game. I want to watch players play and teams win, lose, come from behind. I want to watch all the important parts of the game, not what’s going on outside of the game, and I think the general fan feels the same way. . . . I can’t tell you how many people have said to me, ‘I don’t watch anymore; it’s not about the game anymore.’ And I tend to agree.’

“It’s really a shame that we’ve come to this.  Something has to unify us, and I felt like the flag, standing patriotically — because Blacks and whites and Hispanics have fought for this country and died for this country. It’s too bad.”
Former Packer star QB Brett Favre

“Minorities have IDs. They have IDs when they’re checking in hotels, they have IDs when they’re checking out a library book, they have IDs when they’re in senior citizens facilities. They have ID even when they get the COVID shot. So, you know what, that is just being intellectually dishonest. What it really is saying, though, [is] that white liberals think that black people are too dumb or too ignorant to even want to have an ID, and they want to hold their hands.”
Vernon Jones, a Republican hopeful for the Georgia gubernatorial race this November,  slammed criticism of that state’s recently passed voter ID law, arguing that white critics who oppose voter identification requirements have a low opinion of the intelligence of minority voters. 

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott, who is black, said ‘In this country, if you’re black and you get pulled over by the police, you have a very much higher chance of being dead just because you’re black, and just because you’re encountering police. That is a fact we have to all wrestle with. We’ve seen this far too many times where a young black man or woman is pulled over by police or encounters police and they end up dead. People protesting are asking when will this stop.’

“This is complete foolishness and utterly irresponsible rhetoric from the mayor of Brooklyn Center. I have worked with juveniles over the years and they hate three things: their fathers, the police, and all authority. What Mayor Elliot should have been saying was, ‘In this country, if you’re pulled over and resisting arrest by the police, you have a much higher chance of being killed just because you’re noncompliant, and just because you’re disobedient to police orders.’

“Another police shooting involving yet another race-bait narrative of a wannabe thug used to demean the authority of police. I have three sons and I train my boys to obey me and all authority including teachers, pastors, principals, and the police. This is setting them up for success, not blatant failure. Make Fatherhood Great Again! What if all dads would teach their boys how to obey and comply with authority? If black males want to stay alive with the police, stop resisting arrest!”
Willie Richardson, who is black, on the death of Daunte Wright in Minnesota who had a run-in with police

“Anyone who tries to restrict your legally owned firearms is not trying to make America safer. The point is to disarm you and strip you of your autonomy, your power, your right to self-defense. Gun control is not about guns. Gun control is about who controls America.”
Tucker Carlson

 “When Mr. Biden first came to Washington during the previous mini-Ice Age, federal debt was about $450 billion — a quaint little figure when you think about it these days. In the 48 years since Mr. Biden arrived on the banks of the Potomac, federal debt has exploded. Today, it stands at $28 trillion — a figure that is literally beyond comprehension. … Mr. Biden hasn’t been back in the White House three months yet as president and already he has blown through another $2 trillion that we don’t have. … And now comes Mr. Biden with yet another proposal to spend another $2.3 trillion of money we don’t have. This one is for ‘infrastructure,’ a word that Democrats have already begun torturing in order to include all their crazy pet projects.”
Charles Hurt

 “The Biden infrastructure plan is a head fake. The agenda here isn’t about creating ‘millions of new jobs.’ It’s a declaration of war against one of the largest sources of new jobs in the United States: our domestic energy producers. Some 80% of our energy today comes from fossil fuels, and well more than half of it comes from oil and natural gas. … Let’s have a grown-up discussion on energy policy. The U.S. is going to continue to use oil and gas for decades to come. Today, only 10.7% of our energy comes from wind and solar power. Approximately 2% of the cars on the road are electric vehicles. Even if that were to rise by tenfold over the next decade, we will still have 80% of cars using good old gasoline. If we don’t produce the oil and gas here, we are going to fill our tanks with oil and gas from the Middle East or Russia.”
Stephen Moore

“What I saw on this trip was chaos and disorder. What the Biden administration does not want you to know is simply that they have handed over the borders of our country to the cartels and smugglers.”
Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis

 “There can be tragic mistakes that have nothing to with race. The desire to label every dire outcome a product of racism, no matter the intent, is destroying our society.”
Erielle Davidson

“From a communications standpoint, I cannot for the life of me understand the decision to … leave [Afghanistan] on 9/11 and handing a propaganda tool to the Taliban.” Fox News’s Dana Perino

“It’s disturbing how many of the people in charge loathe the country they are supposed to represent.”
Lisa Boothe

 “I’m pretty tough. I’m a street fighter. They would have had a battle on their hands.”
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who last month postured, “[January 6] was a very difficult moment for us in the Capitol and those who care about our democracy.”

“Dear cancel culture, Aim higher, go for the IRS.”
Kevin Sorbo


CNN (see above OUTRAGE)

Racial Indoctrination Enforced By School Officials

Hawaii allows nurses to perform abortions


Election Integrity: 62% Don’t Think Voter ID Laws Discriminate


Apparently police are not innocent until proven guilty


Aaron Rodgers on Jeopardy

Doing laundry ‘highlight of week’ for third of Americans beyond bored from pandemic isolation

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