For those of you who get the paper edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Sundays, first of all, I’m sorry. 🙂

Also, every Sunday columnist Alan Borsuk offers his personal insight on schools. This week he takes a rosy outlook because his wife sees budding flowers or something like that. You’ll see when you read it.

Retired liberal MPS folks I know can’t stand Borsuk. They think he’s not liberal enough, and is too critical of MPS. They might be shocked when they pick up their paper Sunday.

Why? Because Borsuk is all giddy about all kinds of new spending on the rathole that is public education, but especially MPS.

Here’s an excerpt from Borsuk’s everything is beautiful column:

The flood of federal money to Wisconsin schools. Wahoo! $2.2 billion is coming to Wisconsin public schools, thanks to the pandemic recovery funds approved by Congress and President Joe Biden. To be spent over the next several years, at least 20% of the money is required by federal law to be spent on programs to help students rebound from the impact of the pandemic. That could mean more summer school, more tutoring, smaller classes, extended school years, more teachers, and on and on. It could have real impact if spent well. We should be optimistic about handling this opportunity wisely, right?  

The flood of federal money to Milwaukee Public Schools. Double wahoo! Maybe triple! MPS, with its great concentration of poverty, is due to get $798 million of that money. That’s equal to more than two-thirds of the annual budget for MPS. So much could be accomplished with this. More reason to be optimistic, of course. 

Here we go again. It’s not like we haven’t heard it before. More money=better schools=better students=better achievement.

Same crap for the past 150 years. Proof it works? Non-existent.

Students won’t win. And neither will taxpayers.


  1. This is not meant to be a negative comment on the article, and I really have not had a significant interest over time in schools or their operations. But I find this formula interesting: More money = better schools=better students =better achievement. Since you do not think it works, and I would tend to agree, I am wondering which part of the formula needs fixing, to make the end result happen. Obviously the more money part seems to be the big issue. What should replace that? What does the first part need to be, to get numbers 2, 3, 4 to work? I have no idea and am very open to your input. You seem to be very versed on school and education issues and concerns, based on following your articles. What do you think the biggest problem to focus on would be to get the system back on track? Poof, you are in charge of education. What is your first priority?


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