Recreational marijuana kills

New York state lawmakers strike deal to legalize recreational marijuana |  New York | The Guardian

Included in WI Governor Tony Evers’ proposed 2021-23 state budget is a plan to legalize recreational marijuana.

Under the proposal, adult residents could buy and possess up to two ounces of marijuana, while out-of-state visitors could have up to a quarter ounce. People could grow up to six plants for themselves.

The governor’s plan calls for a 15 percent wholesale excise tax on cannabis, in addition to a 10 percent retail excise tax on marijuana sales. Medical cannabis sales would not be subject to the sales tax.

According to a fiscal impact analysis, Wisconsin stands to bring in $165.8 million in annual tax revenue starting in fiscal year 2022-23. Sixty percent of those funds would go to a new “community reinvestment fund” and the rest would be deposited in the state’s general fund.

Fifteen states are regulating recreational use of marijuana.

“Legalizing and taxing marijuana in Wisconsin — just like we do already with alcohol — ensures a controlled market and safe product are available for both recreational and medicinal users and can open the door for countless opportunities for us to reinvest in our communities and create a more equitable state,” said Evers. 

In 2018, voters in 16 Wisconsin counties and two cities supported ballot measures about the use of marijuana. A Marquette University Law School poll in 2019 found 59 percent of voters think marijuana use should be legal.

Republican leaders in the WI Legislature don’t give much of a chance to this idea.

Now there’s new research that has discovered legalizing recreational marijuana leads to an increase in fatal auto accidents putting hundreds of drivers at risk annually.

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