3 thoughts on “When I vote Tuesday I will not be wearing a mask

  1. My daughter never bothered with a mask, and rarely was she troubled. She developed a skin condition due to the bacteria all over the interior of the mask ( which is why mask wearing is dangerously unhealthy ). So she said forget it… To be in Target with her and watch her stride past the mask nazi who quickly asked her if she ” needed a mask” to which she replied ” no thanks don’t need one”. The look on his face was priceless–a mix of confusion, bewilderment, shock, — and dumbfounded that she didn’t comply. It’s the disobedience they can’t understand. They can see the disclaimer from the mask company that the mask doesn’t protect against covid. The ” science” explains the virus goes right through the weave of cloth. But let’s force people to wear one anyway to feel safe.
    My daughter is so bad a$$!! Nobody seems to care we weren’t wearing masks at Target, but at mass you better be wearing one or else.


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