Final thoughts on the Franklin school board election

For one of the few times I’ve lived in Franklin there appears to be great interest in Tuesday’s free for all school board race. I have some thoughts on various aspects of this election.

Franklin voters need to vote Franklin

What does that mean?

Typically in school board races throughout Wisconsin the slate of candidates as well as the actual board members are more liberal than the communities they come from. That has certainly been the case since I moved into Franklin in 1992.

The fact is Franklin is a majority conservative small city. It just is. However the school board has never truly represented the conservative values of the city in the nearly 30 years I’ve been a resident. In Tuesday’s election Franklin’s conservative voting faction, thirsting for decades for a true conservative individual (the rare exception Janet Evans) now has one again in Angela Christie. She is the ONLY conservative, and in fact, arguably the only candidate worth voting for out of the seven on the ballot for conservatives.

Four of the six candidates are very liberal and would pursue a path of Marxist, racial, diversity-based policies.

May be an image of road, tree, grass and text that says 'Angela CHRISTIE FRANKLIN RANKLIN BOARD'

If Christie is the best, who is the worst?

That’s easy. Without a doubt, Angela Bier. She told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Franklin has long needed an improved high school gymnasium and associated facilities.  This should be a public-private partnership, maximizing fundraising arms of the district to leverage motivated private entities’ philanthropic missions.  If public funding via referendum is still required, we must commit to robust public access to the space for recreational programming.”

We already spend a fortune on our schools.

I was not impressed by her discussions during the campaign. I’ll paraphrase. When asked a question or presented with an issue Bier usually begged off, admitted she wasn’t sure of the answer, but said if elected, by golly she sure would investigate and study so she could make the right call. Very weak.  No thanks.

And check out this video from January 30, 2017. Candidates for an open school board seat appeared before the board who asked the candidates questions. At the 9:00 mark Angela Bier is asked a blunt question by then-board president Janet Evans about ACT 10.

Again, scroll to 9:00.

Bier’s response shows she’s out of touch with the majority of Franklin. For the record, in the June 12, 2012 recall election, while Bier was voting against Scott Walker, 10,883 Franklin residents voted for the governor (64.92%). Tom Barrett got 5,831 votes or 34.78% (Source: Franklin City Clerk).

ACT 10 that Bier opposed saved the taxpayers of Wisconsin 4,850, 117,044 in school costs as of last March, the 9th anniversary of the legislation.

Superintendents across the state used ACT 10 to reform public schools in the areas of merit pay for teachers; flexibility for hiring, firing, and management;  and greater collaboration with teachers.

Bier’s response to another question raises eyebrows. She supports “funding educational alternatives outside of the traditional brick and mortar public school building.” I’m not sure what that means and I may not want to know.

The majority, almost all of the Franklin School Board candidates are too liberal for this conservative district. Bier tops them all.

Candidate Ann Sepersky also signed the petition to recall Scott Walker.

Speaking of Ann Sepersky…

In my more than 40 years of observing local, state, and national politics, I have seen and read countless campaign brochures.  And I have seen and read countless examples of resume embellishment.

On one of Sepersky’s social media posts she brags about being:

* An experienced education leader

* A successful navigator of the Franklin School Board

As Colonel potter once said in M*A*S*H*, mule muffins.

Experience? Successful navigator? How the hell how?

Specific details seem to be MIA.

Look, she’s an incumbent by default. No one, not a soul voted for her. She’s on the board because she was appointed last fall to fill a vacancy.

Major accomplishment while in office? Try zero.

Her other claim to fame: She attended a lot of meetings. Lah-dee-dah.

Don’t vote for this liberal lightweight.

DO NOT fall for the posted Franklin advice that you can vote for three candidates

Of course you can.


Vote for only the candidate(s) you feel strongly for. Do not vote for a second or third you’re not crazy about.

Do the math. Four of the six candidates are liberal; kids last, teachers union first, that prioritize pro-Marxist, racial, equity, diverse policies and not your kids.

Christie’s a slam dunk. The Invisible Man, Claude Lewis, an incumbent, has been non-existent during this campaign, but could act as a buffer against the hard-left.  A vote for Christie and Lewis could help alleviate the Lefty control of the board.


After Tuesday the Franklin School Board will still be filled with liberal rubber stamps for the teachers union and the administration. Soften the blow by voting for Christie and maybe Lewis. Let’s take back our school board incrementally. Franklin’s race is not unusual this year. More conservatives are running for school board seats than ever.

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