Walt Disney World…threatening?

A few days ago former Franklin alderman and Milwaukee County supervisor Steve Taylor posted a picture from a Milwaukee Bucks game he attended.

May be an image of screen

Taylor called it dumb. And he’s right.

His snapshot reminded me of our family’s recent 10-day vacation in Walt Disney World. The effective governor of Florida has essentially re-opened the Sunshine State. Even so WDW is one gigantic Karenville. Restrictions abound. The most revealing and most memorable quote from the trip came from a cast member.

“The only thing holding Disney back is Disney.”

Imagine the time it takes to listen to the Beatles’ single “Hey Jude.” When that time has expired, no matter what Disney theme park you’re in and no matter where you are, you’ll hear this:

Over and over and over again. If by some miracle you miss the recordings there are signs all over the place warning and lecturing.
Disney cast members, once characterized by their never-ending smiles and offers of assistance have now become mask police. Disobey and you could be tossed from the happiest place on Earth.

Don’t get me wrong. We had a terrific time, masks on 90-degree days and all. But being constantly treated like 3rd-graders was annoying.

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