Today’s highly interesting read (03/31/21): Forcing little kids to wear masks is cruel, nonsensical, and crazy

Tenn. doctor says kids should wear face masks but infants should not

The WI State Journal reports:

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled Gov. Tony Evers acted unlawfully when he issued multiple pandemic emergency orders — including face mask requirements — handing Gov. Tony Evers a significant setback in his ability to impose COVID-19 mitigation efforts. 

The order means the governor will be barred from extending the state’s current COVID-19 emergency order and mask mandate, which was set to expire on April 5, unless the Republican-controlled Legislature votes to extend it. Otherwise, it will continue to be up to local governments, such as cities and counties, to impose their own virus restrictions. 

The court’s 4-3 ruling on Wednesday, with conservative swing Justice Brian Hagedorn joining the conservative majority, follows a pattern of skepticism the state’s highest court has exhibited toward the governor’s mitigation efforts since the pandemic began. 

Hagedorn delivered the majority opinion where he wrote that Wisconsin law gives Evers extraordinary powers for only a short duration, 60 days, following the declaration of a public health emergency. 

“The plain language of the statute explains that the governor may, for 60 days, act with expanded powers to address a particular emergency,” Hagedorn wrote. “Beyond 60 days, however, the legislature reserves for itself the power to determine the policies that govern the state’s response to an ongoing problem. Similarly, when the legislature revokes a state of emergency, a governor may not simply reissue another one on the same basis.”

Now for today’s read, from LifeSite News. Here’s an excerpt:

“…joyless paranoiacs, are managing to make all of this even worse than it already is by berating parents, scaring children, and trying to deprive a fear-filled world of the faces of happy children. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Read the entire article here.

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