Why school board elections matter: Just look at next-door Greendale

Remember: School boards hire superintendents.

It is time to restore integrity to the Greendale School Board

School Board President Joe Crapitto’s time in office has been far from easy on the district, and taxpayers.

• There have been nine school superintendents in the Village’s history. Five of those have been during Joe Crapitto’s nine years as president of the school board.

• One of those superintendents hired during his tenure tenure was Superintendent Dr. Gary Kiltz, hired mid-2016, who was allowed to resign after it was discovered he used the credit card for $9,962.50 in personal use for such things that included:
• HVAC work on his house
• Travel expenses for family members
• Shopping spree at Macy’s at Mayfair
• Shopping at Cascio Music in New Berlin

• Per the districts credit card policy, that personal use should have been caught early when it first started in May of 2017, and then in October 2017 (he was allowed to pay those back). Since the school board didn’t audit district credit card (also referred to P-Cards) usage like the Village board does, this wasn’t caught until a new business manager was hired in 2019.

• But despite stealing nearly $10,000, Dr. Kiltz was allowed to avoid criminal prosecution if he paid the money back in full, which he did, and resign. Now, how many of you could personally spend that amount from your employer and not face charges? Joe Crapitto claimed they didn’t press charges because they wanted the money back as soon as possible.

• The school district paid a law firm, and an auditing firm, a total of $24,649 to investigate Dr. Kiltz’s credit card usage. And I have confirmation from the district’s business manager that was from taxpayer funds, NOT the insurance company. Had they instead turned it over to the Greendale PD and the County DA to investigate, it would have cost the district much less. But for some reason the school board didn’t want to prosecute Dr. Kiltz. I have heard Dr. Kiltz
wasn’t as lenient on students who stole or damaged school property. Yet Joe let him go.

• Also keep in mind that the school referendum, approved in the spring of 2019, which was only supposed to increase property taxes by 10% was actually closer to 15%. More taxpayer money being spent by the Joe Crapitto-led school board.

For those wishing to view the credit card statements I have obtained regarding Dr. Kiltz’s personal spending, and the billing regarding the investigation, you can find it on Facebook at Joe Crapitto has to Go (from the Greendale School board). I have also put up a web site at https://tinyurl.com/d7p5tra6 with some of that information as well.

You can also email me, Joe Russ, at jruss@execpc.com with further questions.

Paid for by Joe Russ, a concerned taxpayer

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