Today’s highly interesting read (03/25/21): The Task Ahead: Making Heroes

PHOTO: Lance Sijan of Milwaukee was an American military hero, winning the Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Air Medal.

In 2018 Nicolas Cole, an author, Top Writer on Quora, and the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Digital Press, wrote on

This one sentence summarizes the entire Millennial generation:

“I want to be the one who comes up with the idea, not the person who executes on it.”

That’s the problem.

The world doesn’t need more ideas. Ideas are easy. Ideas are as abundant as air itself.

What the world needs is more hands on deck, more doers, more builders–more people who know the value of patience, and who can take something that sounds great in theory and work to bring it to life.

Can you imagine platoons of millennials if America was suddenly thrust into war? I seriously doubt their ability or passion to serve.

Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation expressed similar concerns when he wrote on the 75th anniversary of D-Day:

Would the millennials who are terrified by doorbells have the fortitude to fight in a long, costly, intensive conflict?

We have a generation of college students who have grown up in the luxury of modern America, yet who prefer socialism (just another form of tyranny).

They complain about “microagressions” and approve of university speech codes that restrict speech and protect them from anything they don’t want to hear. They occupy (as supposed adults) special rooms set up for them with pillows and stuffed animals to calm and cuddle them when they get upset about the normal frustrations and conflicts of everyday life and contentious political battles.

Would these young Americans display the same courage, determination, and resolve that the young Americans of the Depression era showed if our country needed them? Would they show the same sweeping patriotism and engage in the volunteer efforts that characterized our national response following the vicious terrorist attack on 9/11?

Today’s read is from Jeff Minick. For 20 years he taught history, literature, and Latin to seminars of homeschooling students in Asheville, N.C. Minick, too, has doubts:

Many of our young people either lack the high school diploma required by the military or else can’t pass the basic tests required to join the armed services. Their failure reflects the failure of our schools to educate students even in the basics of math, reading, writing, and critical thinking.

Others fail to qualify for military service because they have criminal records. According to a report included in the Heritage Foundation article, nearly 10 percent of applicants miss the mark because of crimes committed, and that figure is based on information already 11 years old.

Issues of health, especially obesity, are also impediments to enlisting in military service.

So what can we do?

Read Minick’s entire column here.

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