Today’s highly interesting read (03/16/21): Don’t boycott the Olympics — dominate them

2022 Winter Olympics - Wikipedia

The 2022 Winter Olympic Games are scheduled Feb 4-Feb 20, 2022, in China.

U.S. Senator Mitt Romney in an op-ed in the NY Times is suggesting a partial boycott of the Games.

Prohibiting our athletes from competing in China is the easy, but wrong, answer. Our athletes have trained their entire lives for this competition and have primed their abilities to peak in 2022. When I helped organize the Salt Lake City Games in 2002, I gained an understanding of the enormous sacrifice made by our Olympic hopefuls and their families. It would be unfair to ask a few hundred young American athletes to shoulder the burden of our disapproval.

The right answer is an economic and diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics. American spectators — other than families of our athletes and coaches — should stay at home, preventing us from contributing to the enormous revenues the Chinese Communist Party will raise from hotels, meals and tickets. American corporations that routinely send large groups of their customers and associates to the Games should send them to U.S. venues instead.

Rather than send the traditional delegation of diplomats and White House officials to Beijing, the president should invite Chinese dissidents, religious leaders and ethnic minorities to represent us.

During my broadcast journalism career I was fortunate to meet many famous people. Here is one of them:

I met and interviewed Eruzione, the captain of the 1980 United States Olympic hockey team that won the gold medal in Lake Placid, New York, a few years later when he was in Milwaukee to promote the next US hockey team. He is director of special outreach at his alma mater, Boston University, and lives in Winthrop, Massachusetts, with his family. Here’s an excerpt from Eruzione and today’s read:

So I offer both advice and an appeal to those considering a U.S. boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games: Don’t do it. If America boycotts, we will ruin the dreams of hundreds of Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and we will hand China and other countries victories we could win in competition.

Read the entire column here.

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