Franklin voters, will your school board candidates truly represent you?

Will they genuinely care about and vote in your best interests?

Will you be a top priority?

Will you be their top priority?

Will they look out for your bottom line?

Will they be taxpayer-friendly?

Has taxpayer-friendliness been part of their campaign, and if so, to what degree, and if not, why not?

Will they forget you once voted into office?

Will they become rubber stamps for the school administration?

Do you consider these important questions? I sure as hell do. And here’s why I raise them. It’s a pretty sure bet that the majority of the candidates on the April ballot for Franklin school board are liberal, obsessed with diversity, and will be in bed with the teacher unions. Where does that leave you? That’s obvious. A cold place.

Members of the school board work you for you, the voting taxpayers. They DO NOT work for the school district administration. But ever since I moved into Franklin in 1992 it’s been just the opposite. The school board has always operated thinking and behaving that they take marching orders from the district. Essentially, they’ve been lemmings.

How nice would it be if a school board and its members actually put the people who put them in office…first.

Before you jump to the conclusion that in general a school board candidate would profess to being your best, closest confidant, guess again.

In 2017 the Franklin School Board held a special meeting to interview candidates to fill the remainder of an open board seat.

Click here and scroll to the 8:09 mark when then-board member Jeff Lewis (son of current board member Claude Lewis who is up for re-election next month) posed a good question to Angela Bier, who’s on the April ballot. Listen carefully to the question and answer at the 8:09 mark. The exchange lasts about 0:45.

Did you catch that?

Long pause (Bier struggles with immediate responses to questions). Then Bier said at first if a board member, she’d start out as a representative for the community, but then as she’d learn more about the inner-workings of the district she hoped that her relationship would be just the opposite.

Think about that. Her allegiance would be, not to voters. Not to taxpayers. Not to parents. Not to students. But to…the district, i.e., the administration.

That’s a seriously flawed approach.

One of my avid followers knows all about Bier and has told me Bier is “dangerous.” Bier signed the Scott Walker recall petition, claiming teachers suffered morale because of Act 10.

Boo hoo. Never mind Act 10 saved taxpayers close to $14 billion since its inception. Candidates seem to forget taxpayers are part of an election debate equation.

Angela Bier must not be elected to the Franklin School Board. She is the worst of the candidates remaining.

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