Could this be the best education?

May be an image of 4 people, including Marcus Wenzel

For a long time I’ve known my good friend Marcus Wenzel is a doggone good father. And now I realize he’s even better than I thought.

Here’s what I mean. Take a look at these photos.

Sledding in Wilson Park.

More sledding at Whitnall Park. And more.

At Sunburst Ski Area in Kewaskum.

Wilson Park again.

While playing at a park in New Berlin.


This ought to tire them out.

OK. you might be wondering what’s the big deal? What’s so special here?

Let’s bring in writer, filmmaker, and photographer Hannah Frankman who enjoyed immense freedom during childhood because she was homeschooled. She wrote for the Freedom for Economic Foundation:

Most of my important life skills came from the root of play and unguided exploration. The classes I took were helpful, and the guidance I had was invaluable. But the things that really equipped me for life were the times when I was given something new — be it a new tool or raw information — and let loose to go play with it.

When I grew up and struck out into the world for the first time, the lessons that guided me weren’t the ones that came from the classes I’d taken or the activities I’d shown up for. The lessons that guided me were the ones I gained from play.

Marcus Wenzel doesn’t homeschool, but he’s very active with his sons, and there’s no telling how one or all three could benefit. Hannah Frankman started her own business…when she was 12.

Read about her and the value of play, here.

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