C’mon. Just admit it. You weigh too much.

Yesterday (Thursday) was…

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'W WOR RLD BESITY DAY March 4 There are many ways to fight obesity and eating healthy, exercising and having a positive mindset are a few of the ways.'

Americans are in a big heap of denial. Maybe that’s why so many are unhealthy.

According to Gallup, Americans continue to gain weight. At the same time they don’t think they’re too fat.

Average weight in pounds*174 lbs.176 lbs.177 lbs.
Ideal weight in pounds*157 lbs.160 lbs.161 lbs.
Percent who say they are overweight41%38%38%
Percent who want to lose weight60%56%52%
Percent trying to lose weight28%28%25%

About 4 in 10 American adults are obese, and nearly 1 in 10 is severely so according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That’s startling information. And the situation is only going to get worse.

How bad will it be, and what’s to blame.

Read the details here.

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