Franklin School Board candidate refuses to get specific on transgender athletes

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In the upcoming April election featuring one of the most attention-grabbing Franklin School Board contests I’ve seen in my nearly 30 years of living here,  three of the six candidates on the ballot will fill three seats on the board.

One, at the most two of the candidates in a mediocre field are worth consideration. The other four are a waste, too liberal to truly represent the values of Franklin. They each can’t wait to get on the board and be palsy walsy and play footsie with the school district administration.

A disturbing trend in this election has been the refusal and/or ability of the majority of candidates to answer a direct question with a direct answer. One of the guilty parties is Angela Bier, the worst candidate in the race. Here’s a classic example.

One of the hottest issues in America right now is the ridiculous effort to allow transgender athletes to participate in sports, especially girls who used to be boys competing against girls who’ve always been girls. The transgender crowd certainly has its sympathizers. But overall this issue is pretty one-sided based on facts and simple biology.

Franklin School Board candidate Angela Bier can’t debate her way out of a phone book. In public appearances and statements she’s made in the past, and I’ll paraphrase, when presented with a topic, Bier  beats around the bush, tap dances at great length, before finally claiming that if elected she’ll set up some sort of process involving all kinds of stakeholders to investigate to find a solution before she’ll, heaven forbid, commit.

Good God Almighty. Even Joe Biden’s seriously challenged press secretary concedes when she doesn’t know (which is often) that she will “circle back,” a response that takes mere seconds. Bier goes on and on and on and says nothing, except eventually that she, too, will circle back.

For Pete’s sake you’re a candidate for elected office. State your position succinctly and clearly. Where do you stand. Yes or no.

Bier has no clue which the way the wind is blowing. She’ll have to check on that first before she figures out WTH to do.

Not my choice and she shouldn’t be yours.


Who should be the odd man/woman out in the Franklin School Board primary?Please share with your neighbors and friends.

2 thoughts on “Franklin School Board candidate refuses to get specific on transgender athletes

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