Today’s highly interesting read (02/26/21): The Need to Rein in Big Tech

May be an image of text that says 'We have a serious problem here... THE HILL Twitter bans Trump campaign until it deletes tweet with COVID-19 misinformation 08/05/2009:15PMEDT 1,477COMMENTS THE Twitter says coronavirus disinformation spread by Chinese officials does not violate rules 03/23/2003:32PMEDT 162COMMENTS'

Today’s read is from Allum Bokhari, the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News. Here’s an excerpt from his very thoughtful and insightful column:

Socialists, conservatives, nationalists, neoliberals, autocrats, and anti-autocrats may not agree on much, but they all recognize that the tech giants have accumulated far too much power. None like the idea that a pack of American hipsters in Silicon Valley can, at any moment, cut off their digital lines of communication.

Today, Big Tech doesn’t just mean control over online information. It means control over news. It means control over commerce. It means control over politics. And how are the corporate tech giants using their control? Judging by the three biggest moves they have made since I wrote my book—the censoring of the New York Post in October when it published its blockbuster stories on Biden family corruption, the censorship and eventual banning from the Web of President Trump, and the coordinated takedown of the upstart social media site Parler—it is obvious that Big Tech’s priority today is to support the political Left and the Washington establishment.

If Big Tech’s capabilities are allowed to develop unchecked and unregulated, these companies will eventually have the power not only to suppress existing political movements, but to anticipate and prevent the emergence of new ones. This would mean the end of democracy as we know it, because it would place us forever under the thumb of an unaccountable oligarchy. 

Read the entire worthwhile piece here.

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