Franklin school board candidate Khan: It’s really very simple. Open schools or not?

There are problems with the overflowing number of candidates on the ballot in April for the Franklin School Board, starting with the majority of them aren’t any good.

I worked in journalism for decades. Asked people a ton of questions. When they didn’t answer I’d ask again, stating I wanted a direct answer to a direct question.

A disturbing trend I’ve seen in my observations of the six candidates is that the majority don’t adequately answer a direct question.

Do they refuse?

Are they afraid?

Are they not equipped?

Do they not have an answer?

Do they have an answer but are not confident answering?

Do they have an answer but don’t want you to know what it really is?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel before this month’s primary asked questions of all seven candidates at the time. They weren’t difficult. This wasn’t tough stuff ladies and gentlemen.

One of the questions was:

How would you assess the district’s plan to reopen schools during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Here was Maqsood Khan’s lame response:

Khan: Franklin Public Schools made a good effort in reopening its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic. I realize it’s difficult for parents who quarantined their kids often because a classmate became infected. But frontline workers, like school nurses and me, got vaccinated. Teachers will too. According to the Jan. 20 Monitor and Transition Dashboard, 0.5 percent of the student population have tested positive — a low rate. I know the district carefully considers four trigger points before deciding to close a school for a two-week period. As a physician, I believe we must continue to wear masks, socially distance and get vaccinated.

I’m not sure what kind of dance around the question that was. Fox trot? Waltz? Cha-cha? Polka?

My reaction on a blog I posted on February 2:

Seems (Khan is) more concerned about preaching about COVID than what school district policy should be.

A simple yes or no Mr. Khan. Schools: Re-open or not? Good idea? Bad idea?

Well this might shed some light.

No description available.

So Khan has a child in virtual. It appears that Khan isn’t wholeheartedly set on in-person schools. Look, if he prefers virtual for a child of his, that’s fine. But that’s rather revealing when the vast majority of parents and school and real experts in America favor IN-SCHOOL learning.

Compare Khan’s above answer to the more definite response given by Angela Christie.

Christie: FPS did an amazing job with their plans for re-opening schools.  They surveyed parents and 79% of parents agreed they felt safe with their children, in class.  As a parent, I felt their safety plan with social distancing, keeping students in the same groups and staggering class transitions was adequate to keep my child safe during their time at school.

I understand the top three winners in April go on to the board. I don’t care. I’m only voting for two.

Christie is the best choice for Franklin’s school board, by far.

A second best is Claude Lewis. He’s a bit above  OK, but I can live with him. Seems reasonable, and I’ve had enough conversations with his son, a former Franklin school board member, to know he’d be a solid advisor to his father.

Khan is out. Like all the others besides Christie and Lewis he’d be in the hip pocket of the school administration and teachers union. Franklin, we don’t need that.

BTW, Khan isn’t alone in dodging questions. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Franklin school board candidate Khan: It’s really very simple. Open schools or not?

  1. Hello. I am Maqsood Khan. The reason we chose virtual learning for our kids is because my mother is in the late stages of dementia and therefore at high risk of infection and death. We wanted to do what was best to keep our family safe. I fully support every family’s choice to opt for in-person or virtual learning. The Franklin School District did a wonderful job giving that choice to parents.

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