Ranking presidents

Guest commentary
Thomas C. Reeves

There is an amusing meme that features a photo of Obama stating that he will go down in history as the worst President ever. An adjoining photo of Biden has the caption “Hold my beer.”

Unfortunately, that isn’t reality. Among the history professors at almost all levels of professional respectability, the people who will be writing and teaching about the past and present, there are no conservatives. And that means that Obama is ranked on the highest level of Chief Executives and Trump at the lowest. Ideology, not facts and analysis, reigns. Your kids will be learning leftist nonsense in school from kindergarten through graduate school. That’s the way things are. We have the wonderful scholar Victor Davis Hanson. The Left has everyone else.

Thomas C. Reeves is a retired UW-System professor living in southeast Wisconsin. Among his dozen books are Twentieth Century America: A Brief History, and biographies of John F. Kennedy, Joseph R. McCarthy, Fulton Sheen, Walter J. Kohler, Jr and Chester A. Arthur. I am proud to call Tom Reeves my friend.

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