Photos of the Week (02/21/21)

Michelle Melton, who is 35 weeks pregnant, receives the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine at Skippack Pharmacy in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, February 11, 2021.  REUTERS/Hannah Beier

A pictorial week-in-review posted every Sunday.

1) People sift through the rubble of homes at the Ocean Ridge Plantation in Brunswick County, North Carolina, Feb. 17, 2021, after a tornado hit the area Monday night. Photo: AP

2) Volunteer Salvador Cariaga checks on a man suffering from homelessness who has been sleeping on the ground under blankets during record breaking cold weather in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, February 15.  Photo: REUTERS/Nick Oxford

3) Emanuale Small walks up to a bus station in Roanoke, Virginia, on Thursday. Small had to make it to a doctor’s appointment, and he was told they would push the time back a little for him so he could still make it despite the icy conditions. Photo: Heather Rousseau/The Roanoke Times via AP

4) Francisco Sanchez wipes snow off his car with a boogie board before going out sledding with his kids on Valentine’s Day at Memorial Park in El Paso, Texas, February 14, 2021. Photo: Briana Sanchez/El Paso Times/USA Today Network via REUTERS

5) A family in Austin melts snow on their stove so that they could have water to flush toilets and wash dishes on Wednesday. Their electricity had been restored, but they still didn’t have running water. Photo: Ilana Panich-Linsman/The New York Times/Redux

6) Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon stands on his kitchen counter to warm his feet over his gas stove in Austin, Texas on Feb. 16. Power was out for thousands of central Texas residents after temperatures dropped into the single digits when a snow storm hit the area on Sunday night. Photo:  Ashley Landis / AP

7) Tim tends a fire he used for heat and cooking at a homeless camp in Austin on Feb. 16, 2021, during an extreme cold snap. Photo: AP

8) Brett Archibad, whose home was without electric power, entertains his family as they try to stay warm in the BlackHawk neighborhood in Pflugerville, Texas, on Feb. 16. The winter storm that brought snow, ice and plunging temperatures across the southern Plains caused a power emergency in Texas. Photo: Ricardo B. Brazziel / American-Statesman/USA Today Network via Reuters

9) Jeremy Seidt, 44, packs snow that he shoveled off his driveway into an empty cat litter bucket as he works on making an igloo in the front yard of his Sharon Township home in Columbus, Ohio, February 15, 2021. Photo: Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch/USA Today Network via REUTERS

10) Rescued turtles stunned by cold weather are seen at an evacuation center in South Padre Island in Texas. Photograph: Ed Caum-City Of South Padre Isl/Reuters

11) Senator Ted Cruz wheels his luggage at Cancun International Airport before boarding his plane back to the U.S., in Cancun, Mexico, February 18, 2021. Cruz flew into a storm of criticism after leaving his home state of Texas in the grips of a deadly deep freeze, for a family holiday jaunt to the Mexican resort city of Cancun he said he took to please his young daughters. Photo: REUTERS/Stringer

12) An artist’s impression issued by NASA of the Perseverance rover landing safely on Mars. The rover landed Thursday on the red planet to begin its search for traces of life. Photograph: NASA/JPL-Caltech/PA

13) Perseverance rover as it touched down in the area known as Jezero crater. Photograph: NASA/JPL-Caltech HANDOUT/EPA

14) The team in mission control reacts to confirmation that the spacecraft successfully touched down on Mars. Photograph: Bill Ingalls/NASA

15) The first images arrive at mission control moments after touchdown. Photograph: Bill Ingalls/NASA/AFP/Getty Images

16) One of the first images from the Perseverance rover. Photograph: NASA/AFP/Getty Images

17) The team watches as the first images arrive from Mars. Photograph: Bill Ingalls/Rex/Shutterstock

18) A woman reacts after seeing former President Donald Trump pass by in his motorcade. People lined the street in West Palm Beach, Florida, on President’s Day to show support for Mr. Trump. Photograph: Greg Lovett/AP

19) Paramedics check the body of a Honduran migrant child, who drowned while crossing the frigid waters of the Rio Grande from Mexico into the U.S. with his mother and sister, according to local media, in Piedras Negras, Mexico February 17. Photo: REUTERS/Stringer

20) In Guatemala City, teenagers jump from a building as they escape the Zafiro shelter. Ten girls and teenagers who remained in a state shelter escaped after alleged rights abuses. Photograph: Johan Ordóñez/AFP/Getty Images

21) Father Bryan Small places ashes on Netanya Lattimore’s forehead at a drive-thru Ash Wednesday service at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Atlanta, GA. Ashes were administered with a long Q-tip as a Covid-19 safety precaution measure. Photograph: Christopher Aluka Berry/Reuters

22) A woman receives a vaccination against the coronavirus as part of a Tel Aviv municipality initiative offering a free drink at a bar to residents getting the shot, in Tel Aviv, Israel February 18. Photo: REUTERS/Corinna Kern

23) In Oxford, England, yoga teacher Harriet McAtee, who is 6ft tall, in Utkata Konasana poses during a class on her 6ft-wide narrowboat. The pandemic has forced her to conduct her classes via Zoom. Photograph: Victoria Jones/PA

24) Peter Behan practices golf at dusk on an embankment by aiming for a circle in the sand he has drawn on Poolbeg beach as golf links are closed under Government restrictions, amid the outbreak of the coronavirus, in Dublin, Ireland February 15. Photo: REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne

25) Federation Square in Melbourne is quiet and empty, except for a few seagulls, during a “circuit breaker” lockdown imposed suddenly by the Victorian government. This was due to increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases in northwestern Melbourne. Photo: Chris Putnam / Barcroft Media / Getty

26) Drivers Kyle Busch, Austin Cindric, and Joey Logano are involved in an on-track incident during the NASCAR Cup Series 63rd Annual Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway on February 14, 2021, in Daytona Beach, Florida. Photo: James Gilbert / Getty

27) A dog looks at thousands of dead sardines washed up on the shores of the Laraquete River, as local authorities say the fish might have died due to a lack of oxygen in the water, in Laraquete, Chile. Photo: Reuters

28) A dog with blue fur is pictured inside a cage at a veterinary hospital where it was taken for examination, in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, Feb. 16, 2021. A pack of stray dogs with blue fur was found near an abandoned chemical plant in Dzerzhinsk. Photo: Reuters

29) In Meru, Kenya, an airborne swarm of desert locusts after pesticides were sprayed to prevent crop damage. It has been over a year since the worst desert locust infestation in decades hit east Africa. Photograph: Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images

30) In Portsmouth, UK, fossilized remains of a fish that grew as big as a great white shark, and the largest of its type ever found, have been discovered by accident by scientists from the University of Portsmouth. Photograph: University of Portsmouth/PA

31) A carved wooden eel, named Elvis, in situ at Severn Valley Country Park, Alveley, Shropshire, before being stolen in 2020. It was recently recovered from a beach at Portishead, near Bristol, 111 miles from its Shropshire home. Photograph: Shropshire Council/PA

32) In Eskisehir, Turkey, a newborn foal rolls in snow. Photograph: Anadolu/Getty Images

33) In Duesseldorf, Germany, a carnival float depicting the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny kicking Russia’s President Vladimir Putin during a slimmed down version of the traditional Rose Monday parade. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

34) In Wimborne Minster, England, mother and daughter volunteers Niki (right) and Rachel practice their pancake tossing in the streets of Wimborne model town and gardens as they take part in the Wimborne Minster virtual pancake race. Photograph: Andrew Matthews/PA

35) In Riga, Latvia, a hairdresser cuts hair on the frozen Lake Babelitis while a winter swimmer goes swimming in an ice hole. Another view. Photographs: AFP/Getty Images

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  1. My hat is off to you, Kevin for all the dedicated work you put into this blog each week. I find it relatable to my re-dedication to my love for photography, except yours is less expensive. Keep up the good work.


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