National summer school?

NC Rep. Tim Moore proposes 6-week summer school program to help kids catch up

Jim Manly, the superintendent of KIPP NYC, a network of 15 public charter schools in New York City, admits he has a proposal that’s unlikely and unconvincing. Manly writes in USA TODAY:

What our nation’s students urgently need, and what the Biden administration and incoming Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona must deliver on, is a national summer school program for elementary and middle school-aged kids where educators can heal the pain and anxiety students have experienced through the pandemic while remediating the skills they’ve lost.

This may seem like a far-fetched proposal, but if executed carefully, it may help to alleviate many of our country’s current economic and social woes.

This is the Biden administration’s one opportunity to make up for lost time and deliver on the promises we make to invest in children as our first priority.

I seriously disagree.

Here’s a thought. Just open up schools…NOW, and start working diligently and aggressively to make up for lost time. Kids were robbed of a summer last year. Let’s not repeat the pain by putting them in classrooms in June, July, and August.

Not surprisingly there’s some interest at the state level to push summer school. Republican House Speaker Tim Moore in North Carolina wants to require school districts to offer a six-week, in-person summer program for public school students, five hours per day, five says a week. Participation would be voluntary. Reaction on social media has not been warm:

So the system isn’t working and so let’s continue on with this system in the summer to punish the kids for a system they didn’t create, that isn’t working. 

I’ve seen estimated kids are at least a grade level behind. Maybe with one on one they can access where the child is and what they need. If I had small kids still I would be sending them year round if I thought they were behind.

I don’t see it as a punishment at all, doesn’t sound too much different than year-round school.

it is different. Depending on your group you have several one to two week breaks per quarter vs not having that and then losing your summer. If your going to make kids do summer school they need breaks at other times because we all need breaks, mental overload is a thing. They are still going to school, some kids just don’t learn well via this remote learning (some kids do).

the regular schedule isn’t working. We as a nation fall further behind the rest of the world every year. A balanced calendar is the answer and this could kickstart it since they have missed so much.

Why are you trying to make robots out of these kids let them enjoy there summer I had my child in school at home sense this started he is doing better at home than he has ever done in your schools so why do you want to take that away from be him?

How about extend the days beginning next school year by an hour a couple of days of week and make sure it targets what most kids are behind in. Mainly reading and math for elementary schools.


Summer school. They are not doing it now. U really think they will do it in summer school.

Man these people are so out of reality

It’s a crying shame. They operate out of the Twilight Zone.

No. They should have kept kids in school in the first place.

Leave stuff alone. Quit proposing bills and stuff and help get money to parents who are stuggling financially

That proposal is DOA.

Sorry folks but teachers REALLY need their summer sanity break this year!!

 So do the kids!

so do the parents

i don’t think more of a terrible thing is the answer.

Quit doing this BS. Just open schools back up. These kids are already totally burned out from all of the online school. My boys have college level teachers teaching them that are so vague on instruction because they can’t find regular Highschool teachers to fill online courses. Their biology teacher had kicked back every single assignment to them multiple times and giving them failing grades for misspelling a word or two. My boys are juniors and constantly on the edge of a mental breakdown. Give these kids a break. This needs to stop.

So they can’t go to school now but they can this summer…..

Nope need kids to enjoy this summer cause last year sucked

Wow what a mess!!


Sure. Teach them more of nothing. This a ploy to get teachers another pay raise. What a joke our system has become.

Horrible idea in my view. So watch momentum start to build.

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