UPDATE: My local newspaper is begging

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Previously on This Just In…

The update:

This week my phone rang with caller ID telling me it was the Journal Sentinel. What the Hell I thought. Go ahead. Answer. And so I did.

The very young, pleasant, and very mild-mannered Oriental  female  on the other end said, “I’m  ??? and I’m from ??? And I’m calling ???”

Say what?

I hate doing it but I had to ask her to repeat herself.  I understand she was just doing her job, but the newspaper sent a wet behind the ears kid to deal with a guy who’s had enough of decades of liberal bias.

How does that saying go? You can’t make the crap up.

She was calling because she knew my subscription had been canceled.

“Kevin, we miss you!”

LOL X 1,000.

On the sincerity meter little goody two shoes barely got past ZERO.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel? Miss Kevin Fischer? What  a******* crock.

Trying my hardest to be nice I politely told her NO.

“But this is local journalism…”

LOL X 1,000.

Now I interrupted and told her emphatically, but nicely the paper was in no way journalism. It had deteriorated into nothing more than a daily newsletter for one political party and I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I recall the word “discount” being mentioned and then the clincher. It was her last chance and maybe she thought it would work. No way.

“Why not give it a try?” she asked. I kid you not.

I reiterated my disgust, thanked her for calling, and that was that.

They can’t report fairly and they can’t sell a lifeboat to a drowning man.

And will never understand.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: My local newspaper is begging

  1. It’s OK, they still have me. They gave me financial security for my 17 years of service, that no one else did. They made a lot of common people rich. As Tammy Wynette once said…Stand by your man.


  2. I just get the digital version, so I can’t smell the actual newspaper, but I always liked the smell of newsprint, especially after it bakes on our driveway. I support and subscribe to many newspapers and city magazines across the country, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Santa Fe, NYT, WAPO, WSJ, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Bulwark and a couple more that escape me. I just because I think we still need stuff printed on paper. And I also support differing opinions done in a gentlemanly way. I also think you are doing a darn good job with this, although we generally tend to differ, I applaud your work. Not everyone can do this or cares enough about their schools, and local/state government. I appreciate your opinions. Makes me think.


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