Ranking today’s Franklin School Board candidates

It’s primary election day in Wisconsin. Here in Franklin seven candidates are on the ballot for school board. Six will advance to the general in April where the top three will be chosen to fill three seats.

THE BEST: Angel Christie

NEXT BEST: Claude Lewis

POOR: Ann Sepersky

BAD: Dr. Maqsood Khan

VERY BAD: Dr. Jeffrey Hall and Shuchi Wadhwa

THE WORST: Angela Bier

Final advice: You do not have to vote for three. It’s the primary so I urge voting for just one candidate, your favorite.

4 thoughts on “Ranking today’s Franklin School Board candidates

  1. Thanks for posting. Why did you rank Ann Sepersky as “poor” when she’s endorsed by the FPEA? Angela Bier is also endorsed by the FPEA and you ranked her as the worst. I thought we can agree ACT 10 saved taxpayers a lot of money.


  2. There’s only one true conservative in the race. It’s Christie. Sepersky’s claims to fame are she’s an incumbent (albeit briefly and she was appointed, not elected), she attended a lot of meetings, and championed smaller class sizes. Like 5 of the 7 candidates, too liberal for my blood.

    Bier is just God awful. Can’t answer a direct question to save her life. Signed recall petition against Walker, but swears she can listen to and get along with anyone. No thank you.


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