My vote Tuesday for Franklin School Board

I’ll get to my vote in a bit after some important reminders.

This Tuesday there’s a cattle call in Franklin for the school board primary. Seven (7) candidates are running for three (3) seats on the board. The top six vote-getters on Tuesday will advance to the general election in April.

You can vote for three candidates, but you don’t have to, and I won’t. This is a very poor field and there aren’t three candidates worthy of my vote that I take very seriously and refuse to flippantly give away.

Since this is a primary turnout will be low. I might be in the minority opinion. Liberal newspapers often editorialize, begging for large turnouts. I prefer the numbers be low rather than having a bunch of people who have no inkling of what they’re doing heading to the polls. Also, and this is critical, when turnout numbers are down, your vote is even more powerful.

Consider this, which most voters don’t comprehend, especially when offered an opportunity to choose, not one but three people on the ballot. Let’s suppose you have a definite favorite for Tuesday, someone you want more than the other six candidates. Your vote for your favorite will carry more weight if you vote for that candidate and no others in the PRIMARY. If others join you in this strategy and vote just for your chosen candidate then he or she will reap a bigger benefit. It’s not that difficult to grasp, and it’s true.

I concede that in thinking about this election quite a bit I thought I would not support any incumbent. Then I began leaning to including incumbent Claude Lewis. So where do I stand now? I’ve made a firm decision for Tuesday’s primary. Read the above headline again. My vote and only vote Tuesday will be for Angela Christie. I believe I’ll be voting for her again in April. I urge other Angela Christie voters to do the same.

One candidate won’t make the cut. Here’s hoping it’s Angela Bier, the worst candidate on the ballot. I’ve not been impressed by her discussions as of late. I’ll paraphrase. When asked a question or presented with an issue Bier usually has begged off, admits she’s not sure of the answer, but says if elected, by golly she sure would investigate and study so she could make the right call. Very weak.  No thanks.

I could live with Lewis. The rest will be WEAC and FPS administration toadies. The vote Tuesday is for Angela Christie. That’s it.

2 thoughts on “My vote Tuesday for Franklin School Board

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