My vote for state Superintendent of Public Instruction

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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has published a piece profiling the candidates in Tuesday’s statewide primary for Superintendent of Public Instruction, the same agency that gave us the inferior governor now in office.

I’m a staunch conservative voter. Let’s be real. There’s no one on the ballot, no one that’s going to make me totally happy. Not even close. The field is bad. Which means my side is going to get stuck with a lemon.  It’s strictly hold your nose and decide.

Based on the newspaper article here’s my summary of the candidates.

Sheila Briggs

Not a full-blown supporter of opening schools. Stresses diversity for the workforce (I prefer qualified myself). Says police in schools create fear and inequities. Opposes school choice. A horrible candidate.

Joe Fenrick

Takes a Pontius Pilate attitude toward schools reopening. Prefers local school boards decide. Mentions improvements but not a way to finance.

Troy Gunderson

Wants schools to open, but says local boards should decide. Calls for reduced suspensions and expulsions. He says police can play a role but doesn’t offer specifics. Opposes school choice.

Shandowlyon Hendricks-Williams

Supports having districts provide plans for all students to get back in the classroom. Wants to diversity textbooks with help from parent committees. Favors reducing police in school buildings. Supports increasing revenue limits. Would not oppose school choice funding.

Deborah Kerr

Supports reopening schools this year. Likes the concept of school resource officers in school buildings. Is not opposed to public funding for vouchers to attend private schools. Concedes she’s a Democrat and voted for Biden. That’s concerning.

Steve Krull

Wants schools open. Doesn’t support police in schools. Used to support school choice, now he doesn’t.

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Ok. That was all based on the MJS. As a conservative voter the most important issue to me is whether a candidate is pro-school choice.

I re-post answers given by the candidates on that topic to Newstalk 1130 WISN’s Mark Belling. It’s quite evident Hendricks-Williams gave the definitive and stronger response than Kerr.

Yes, I have concerns about other stances by Hendricks-Williams. But she gets my vote for her solid backing of school choice. If not for her I’d vote for Kerr. The others can’t go two minutes of their lives without uttering the word “diversity.”

In all honesty, I don’t think Hendricks-Williams or Kerr, the dandy of the WI GOP has a chance.

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